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Violux Secures $1.2M Seed Financing Round

IRVINE, CA, Violux announces that it has raised $1.2 million in a seed funding round.
Violux, creator of the world's first smart Ultraviolet (UV) light cleaning technology, today announced the launch of Luma and Luma Pro clean tech countertop appliances. The new lineup utilizes UV light technology to kill 99.9%* of germs, bacteria and viruses--including coronavirus--on commonly used high-touch items. Luma and Luma Pro are designed for consumer households, schools, restaurants, high traffic offices and public spaces, delivering simple and dependable cleaning to quickly and effectively disinfect high-touch objects. Luma Pro delivers 32 watts of UV-C power, a large viewing window and an optical quartz floor, cleaning objects in just sixty seconds, while Luma offers 16 watts and three-minute cleaning cycle times. To help consumers and businesses shore up their line of defense as quickly as possible, Violux is accepting orders for Luma products on Indiegogo beginning today.

Users can place any high-touch household items--including smartphones, remote controls, keys, computers, game controllers, glasses, baby items, credit cards, money, groceries and more--to be safely cleaned and disinfected by Luma. As the first smart UV cleaning device with integrated wireless connectivity, Luma proactively reminds you to disinfect items when returning home, tracks usage, provides smart notifications, and provides a comprehensive status of the device. Luma also implements proprietary reactor sensing to ensure users that the device is always working as expected and providing the proper disinfection levels.
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