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Nanoscale Devices
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Network Security
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Neurologic Treatment
Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Neuroscience as a Service
Neurostimulation Technologies
Neurovascular Technologies
Neutron Detection
New Discovery Engine
News Discovery Engine
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Next-Generation Sequencing
Nicotine Products
Nitrogen Management Solution
Noise Abatement Solutions
Non-Invasive Robotics
Non-Volatile Memory
Notarization Platform
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Nuclear Solutions
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Nutrition Technology
Nutritional Products
Nutritional Supplements
Obesity Treatment
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Occupancy System
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Ocean Technology
Oceanic Research
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On-Demand Gas Service
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Oncology Services
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Pet Networking
Pet Products
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Petrotechnical Solutions
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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Pharmacogenomic Solutions
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Pharmacy Kit Processing
Pharmacy Solutions
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Ariel Southeast Angel Partners
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Arix Bioscience
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Arizona Founders Fund
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Arizona Technology Investor Forum
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Athenian Venture Partners
Athyrium Capital Management
Athyrium Opportunities Fund
Atinum Investment
Atiq Raza
Atlanta Equity
Atlanta Seed Company
Atlanta Technology Angels
Atlanta Ventures
Atlantic Bridge
Atlantic Investors
Atlantic Labs
Atlantic Merchant Capital Investors
Atlantis Investment Management
Atlas Asset Management
Atlas Holdings
Atlas Peak Capital
Atlas Venture
Atlas Ventures
Atomic VC
Atomic14 VC
ATP Fund
Atreides Capital
Atreides Management
Atrium Health
Attractor Ventures
ATW Partners
Atwater Capital
ATX Seed Ventures
ATX Ventures
Atypical Ventures
Aubrey Strul
Auburn Angel Network
Audrey Capital
Audrey Niffenegger
AUG Management
Augment Ventures
Augmentum Capital
Augury Capital
August Capital
August Spark
August Ventures
Augustus Ventures
Auren Hoffman
Auriga Partners
Aurora Funds
Aurum Partners
Auster Capital Partners
Austin Impact Capital
Austin Rosen
Austin Technology Incubator
Austin Ventures
Austral Capital
Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Australis Capital
Authentic Ventures
Autodesk Foundation
Automation Alley
Autonomous Ventures
AutoTech Ventures
AV8 Ventures
Avalon Ventures
Avante Mezzanine Partners
Avathon Capital
Avenir Growth Capital
Averill Master Fund
Avery Dennison
Avestria Ventures
AVG Ventures
Avi Hager
Avi Rubin
Avid Ventures
Avidity Partners
Avie Tevanian
Avigdor Willenz
Avison Young
Avista Capital Holdings
Avista Development
Aviva Ventures
AVM Capital LP
Avon Ventures
Avonlea Capital
Avoro Capital Advisors
Avrio Ventures
AVX Partners
Aweida Venture Partners
AWT Private Investments
Awy Julianto
AXA Strategic Ventures
AXA Venture Partners
Axel Bichara
Axel Johnson
Axel Springer
Axil Capital
Axioma Ventures
Axis Capital Partners
Axon Ventures
Ayala Capital
AZ Digital Farm
Azalea Capital
Azure Capital Partners
Azure International
B Capital Group
b-to-v ventures
B. Riley Financial
B37 Ventures
Babak Nivi
Babel Ventures
Back Bay Management
Backend Capital
Backstage Capital
Bader Sultan & Bros. Co. W.L.L.
BADR Investments
Baidu Ventures
Bailador Technology Investments
Bailey Capital
Bailey Southwell & Co.
Baillie Gifford
Bain Capital
Bain Capital Life Sciences
Bain Capital Ventures
Baird Capital
Baker & Eastlack Ventures
Baker Capital
Bakrie Global Group
Bala Investments
Balance Point Capital Partners
Balderton Capital
Baldwin Beach Capital
Baleine & Bjorn Capital
Ballast Fund
Ballast Point Ventures
Baltimore Angels
Balyasny Asset Management
BAM Capital
Bam Ventures
Banco Santander
Band of Angels
Bandai Namco
Bandgap Ventures
Bandwidth Labs
Bangkok Bank Public Company
Bank Hapoalim
Bank of America
Bank of China
Bank of North Dakota
Banneker Ventures
Banyan Capital
Banyan Mezzanine Funds
Barak Bar-Cohen
Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners
Barer & Son Capital
Baring Vostok Capital Partners
Barney Harford
Baroda Ventures
Baron Capital Group
Baron Davis
Baron Davis Enterprises
Barracuda Networks
Barrier Island Capital
Barry Abbott
Barry Baker
Barry Beck
Barry Judge
Barry Rosenstein
Barry Schneider
Barry Silbert
Barry Sternlicht
Barshop Ventures
Barton Asset Management
Barton Capital
Bascom Ventures
Base Partners
Base Ventures
BaseCamp Capital
BaseCamp Ventures
Baseline Ventures
Basement Fund
Basepoint Ventures
BASF Venture Capital
Basis Set Ventures
Bassett Investment Group
Batios Holdings
Batterson Venture Capital
Battery Ventures
Battle Born Venture
Batu Capital Investments
Bauer Venture Partners
Baupost Group
Baxalta Ventures
Baxter Ventures
Bay Area Council
Bay Capital
Bay City Capital
Bay Meadows
Bay Partners
Baycrest Capital
Bayfront Capital Partners
Baylor Angel Network
BayWa AG
BB Biotech Ventures
BBA Aviation
BBG Ventures
BBT Capital Management Advisors
BBT Fund
BC Partners
BCD Holdings
BCD Travel
BDC Capital Healthcare Venture Fund
BDC Capital IT Venture Fund
BDC Capital Women in Technology Fund
BDC Growth & Transition Capital
BDC Venture Capital
BDCA Venture
BDS Ventures
Be Curious Partners
Be The Match BioTherapies
Beacon Angels
Beagle Ventures
Beamonte Investments
Beanstalk Ventures
Bear Creek Capital
Bechtolsheim Ventures
Becker Ventures
Bedford Funding
Bedrock Capital
Bedrocket Media Ventures
Bee Partners
Beechwood Capital
Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company
Beehive Holdings
Beerud Sheth
Behrman Capital
BellCo Capital
Belle Michigan
Bellingham Angel Investors
Bellnote Partners LLC
Ben Barokas
Ben Brigham
Ben Cogan
Ben Daitz
Ben Davenport
Ben Donovan
Ben DuPont
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Ben Horowitz
Ben Leventhal
Ben Ling
Ben Narasin
Ben Parr
Ben Porterfield
Ben Silverman
Ben T. Smith IV
Benaroya Capital
Benchmark Capital
Bendigo Partners
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benefit Street Partners
Benesse Holdings
Benhamou Global Ventures
Benjamin Ling
Bennett Coleman
Benslie Investment Group
Benvolio Group
Berggruen Holdings
Berkay Mollamustafaoglu
Berkeley Angel Network
Berkeley Catalyst Fund
Berkeley SkyDeck Fund
Berkshire Partners
Bernard Arnault Group
Bernard Liautaud
Bert Roberts
Bertelsmann AG
Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments
Bertelsmann India Investments
Berwind Private Equity
Berytech Fund
Bespoke Strategies
Bessemer Trust
Bessemer Venture Partners
Best Buds Funding
Bestseller Foundation
Beta Fund
Beth Comstock
Beth Ellyn McClendon
Beth McClendon
Betsy Cohen
Better Our World Ventures Fund
Better Ventures
Bevan Clark
Beverly Capital
Bezos Expeditions
BFG Partners
BIA Digital Partners
Bialla Venture Partners
Bienville Capital
Big Basin Capital
Big Basin Partners
BIG Labs
Big Loud Capital
Big Pi Ventures
Big Red Ventures
Big Rock Partners
Big Sur Ventures
BIGR Ventures
Bijan Sabet
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Ackman
Bill Allen
Bill Anton
Bill Apfelbaum
Bill Baumel
Bill Boebel
Bill Boyle
Bill Campbell
Bill Gates
Bill Godfrey
Bill Grabe
Bill Gross
Bill Joy
Bill Lee
Bill Lohse
Bill Malloy
Bill McComb
Bill McCullen
Bill McKiernan
Bill Miller
Bill Moore
Bill Moses
Bill Oesterle
Bill Pescatello
Bill Scott
Bill Smith
Bill Stapleton
Bill Tai
Bill Trenchard
Bill Ullman
Bill Veghte
Bill Warner
Bill Wood Ventures
Bill Woodward
BillerudKorsnas Venture
Billiken Angels Network
Billy Bush
Binance Labs
Binary Capital
Binary Financial
Binary Ventures
Bindley Capital Partners
Binh Tran
Bio*One Capital
Bioeconomy Capital
Biogen Idec
Biomatics Capital
Biomed Realty Ventures
BioMed Ventures
Bionic Fund
BioPacific Investors
BioRock Ventures
Bios Partners
Biosciences Research and Commercialization Center
BioStar Capital
BioStar Ventures
Biosys Capital
Biotechnology Value Fund
BioVenture Partners
BioVentures Investors
Bioworld Merchandising
BIP Capital
Bipul Sinha
Birchaven Group
Birchmere Labs
Birchmere Ventures
Birchview Capital
Bisk Ventures
Bison Technologies
Bitcoin Opportunity Corp.
Bitcoin Shop
BITKRAFT Esports Ventures
Bitmain Technologies
Bits X Bites
BIXINK Therapeutics
Bjarke Ingels
Bjarke Ingels Group
Black Beret Life Sciences
Black Diamond Ventures
Black Dragon Capital
Black Granite Capital
Black Hills Regional Angel Fund
Black Jays Investments
Black Ocean
Black Pearl
Black Point Group
Black River Ventures
Blackbird Ventures
Blackhorn Ventures
BlackRock Private Equity Partners
Blackstone Life Sciences
Blackstone Tactical Opportunities
Blade Ventures
Blake Chandlee
Blake Grossman
Blake Krikorian
Blake Mycoskie
Blake Ross
Blazar Ventures
Blenheim Chalcot
Bleu Capital
BLH Venture Partners
Bling Capital
Block Communications
Blockchain Capital
Blockchange Ventures
Blocktower Capital
Bloom Burton & Co
Bloomberg Beta
Blossom Street Ventures
Blount Street Capital
Blu Venture Investors
Blu Ventures
Blue Bear Capital
Blue Bear Ventures
Blue Capital
Blue Chip Partners
Blue Chip Venture Company
Blue Cloud Ventures
Blue Coat Systems
Blue Collective
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Blue Cross Blue Shield Venture Partners
Blue Delta Capital
Blue Equity
Blue Focus Communications Group
Blue Fog Capital
Blue Haven Initiative
Blue Heron Capital
Blue Hill Group
Blue Horizon Capital
Blue Horizon ex Ventures
Blue IO
Blue Ivy Ventures
Blue Jay Syndicate
Blue Lagoon Capital
Blue Lake
Blue Note Ventures
Blue Planet Group
Blue Pool Capital
Blue Ridge Capital
Blue Ridge Foundation
Blue Run Ventures
Blue Scorpion Investments
Blue Seed Collective
Blue Sky Capital
Blue Sky Fund
Blue Star Innovation Partners
Blue Stem Capital
Blue Tree Allied Angels
Blue Tree Venture Fund
Blue Venture Fund
Blue Water Angels
Blue Water Life Science Fund
Blueberry Ventures
Bluebird Ventures
BlueCrest Capital
BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners
Bluefield Investments
BluePointe Ventures
Blueprint Equity
BlueRun Ventures
BlueScape Resources
Bluestein and Associates
BlueStel Ventures
Bluestem Capital
BlueStone Venture Partners
BlueTree Allied Angels
BlueTree Capital Group
BlueTree Venture Fund
BlueYard Capital
Bluff Point Associates
Blum Capital
Blumberg Capital
BMO Bank Montreal
BMW i Ventures
BN Capital
BNP Paribas
BNSG Capital
BNY Mellon
Boathouse Capital
Bob Baron
Bob Beauchamp
Bob Carpenter
Bob Davoli
Bob Doris
Bob Green
Bob Greene
Bob Gunderson
Bob Hisaoka
Bob Jacobs
Bob Jain
Bob Jones
Bob Kagle
Bob Lee
Bob Mason
Bob McKnight
Bob Meese
Bob Muglia
Bob Mylod
Bob Pasker
Bob Pittman
Bob Stevenson
Bob Trahan
Bob Turner
Bob Weir
Bob White
Bob Wright
Bob Young
Bobby Cox Companies
Bobby Epstein
Bobby Flay
Bobby Lent
Bobby Yazdani
BOE Technology Group
Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund
Boeing HorizonX
Bogomil Balkansky
Bohemian Investments
Boise Angel Alliance
Bojiang Capital
Bold Capital
BOLDstart Ventures
Bonaventure Capital
Bonaventure Equity
Bonfire Ventures
Bong Koh
Bookend Capital Partners
Boom Capital
Boon Hwee Koh
Boost VC
Bootstrap Advisors
Bootstrap Incubation
Bootstrap Venture Fund
Borealis Ventures
Bose Corporation
Bose Ventures
Bossa Nova Investments
Bossa Ventures
Boston Angel Club
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston Community Capital
Boston Consulting Group
Boston Harbor Angels
Boston Millennia Partners
Boston Scientific
Boston Seed Capital
Boston Syndicates
Boulder Food Group
Boulder Investment Group Reprise
Boulder Ventures
Boulevard Capital Partners
Boulle Group
Bow Capital
Bow River Capital Partners
Bowery Capital
Boxer Capital
Boxer Capital of the Tavistock Group
BoxOne Ventures
Boxwood Capital Partners
Boynton Angels
Boyu Capital
BP Alternative Energy
BP Ventures
Brace Pharma
Bracket Capital
Brad Feld
Brad Flora
Brad Garlinghouse
Brad Gerstner
Brad Greiwe
Brad Harrison Ventures
Brad Jones
Brad Katsuyama
Brad Keywell
Brad Oleshansky
Brad Silverberg
Brad Zions
Bradley Family Trust
Bradley Horowitz
Brady Dougan
Braemar Energy Ventures
Bragiel Brothers
Brain Robotics Capital
Brain Trust Accelerator Fund
Brainchild Holdings
Brand Capital
Brand Foundry Ventures
Brand New Matter
Branded Ventures
Brandmeyer Family
Brandon Beck
Brandon Capital Partners
Brandon Cruz
Brandon DeWitt
Brandon Evans
Brandon Point Industries
Brandon Shorenstein
Branford Castle Private Equity
Brant Barton
Braun Jones
Brave Ventures
Bre Pettis
Bread & Butter Ventures
Break Trail Ventures
Breakaway Growth Fund
Breakaway Innovation Group
Breakaway Ventures
Breakout Capital
Breakout Labs
Breakout Ventures
Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Breakwater Investment Management
BRED Banque Populaire
Breega Capital
Bregal Sagemount
Bregua Corporation
Brendan Synnott
Brendan Wallace
Brentwood Associates
Brentwood Capital Advisors
Brentwood Investments
Breslow Forsythe Group
Bret Disend
Bret Siarkowski
Breton Capital Management
Brett Austin
Brett Crosby
Brett Danko
Brett Giroir
Brett Hurt
Brett Queener
Brewer Lane Ventures
Breyer Capital
Brian and Carol Matthews
Brian Baumgart
Brian Dahl
Brian Distelberger
Brian Flynn
Brian Gambs
Brian Halligan
Brian Hand
Brian Haner
Brian Lee
Brian McClendon
Brian Norgard
Brian Nugent
Brian O'Kelly
Brian O'Malley
Brian Sharples
Brian Spaly
Brian Sugar
Brian Swette
Brian Weiner
Brian Weinstein
Brick & Mortar Ventures
Bridge Angel Investors
Bridge Bank
Bridge Boys
Bridge Builders Collaborative
Bridge Capital
Bridge Investment Fund
Bridge Investments
Bridgebank Capital
Bridgelink Capital
Bridger Healthcare Partners
Bridges Israel
Bridgescale Partners
Brigette Lau
Bright Capital
Bright FinTech
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Bright Success Capital
BrightCap Ventures
BrightEdge Ventures
Brighton Jones Investment Partners
Brighton Park Capital
Brightpath Capital Partners
Brightspark Ventures
BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation
Brightstone Capital
Brightway Future Capital
Brii Biosciences
Brilliant Ventures
BrilliMedical International
Bristol-Myers Squibb
British Sky Broadcasting
Brizan Investments
BRM Group
Broad Beach Ventures
Broad Strategy Fund
Broadband Capital
BroadBand Tower
Broadhaven Capital Partners
Broadhaven Ventures
BroadOak Capital Partners
Broadscale Group
Broadview Ventures
Broadway Angels
Broadway Video Ventures
Broe Group
Bronze Investments
Brook Byers
Brook Venture Fund
Brook Venture Partners
Brookfield Growth Partners
Brookfield Property Partners
Brookfield Ventures
Brooklands Capital Strategies
Brookline Investments
Brookline Venture Partners
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Brookside Capital
Brother Industries
Brothers Brook
Brown Advisory
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Brown Savano
Brown Shoe Company
Bruce Boehm
Bruce Cleland
Bruce Dunlevie
Bruce Ferris
Bruce Flohr
Bruce Gibney
Bruce Katz
Bruce Langone
Bruce Lunsford
Bruce Rastetter
Bruce Terry
Bruce Weinstein
Bryan Berard
Bryan Frist
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnston
Bryan Meehan
Bryant Stibel
Bryce Ambraziunas
BTC12 Capital
btov Partners
Buchanan Investments
Buckhill Capital
Bud Albers
Bud Colligan
Building Ventures
Built By Iowa
Bukwang Pharmaceutical
Bull & Bear Fund
Bull City Venture Partners
Bull Creek Capital
Bulldog Innovation Group
Bullet Time Ventures
Bullpen Capital
BullPen Ventures
Bunge Ventures
Buran Venture Capital
Burch Creative Capital
BurdaPrincipal Investments
Burnham Holdings
Burns & Stowers Investments
Burst Capital
Burt Sugarman
Burwell Investments
Bushburg Properties
Business Development Bank of Canada
Business Rockstars
Butler University
BV Capital
BV Investment Partners
BV Jagadeesh
BVF Partners
BVM Capital
BW Capital
Bynd Venture Capital
Byron Asset Management
Byron Group
BYU Cougar Capital
C Program
C Ventures
C&B Capital
C.S. Park
C2 Ventures
C4 Ventures
C5 Capital
CAA Ventures
Cabot Corporation
Cadron Creek Capital
Caerus Ventures
Caffeinated Capital
Cahoots Holdings
Cain Capital
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Caisse de depot et placement de Quebec
Calendar Holdings
Caleo Capital
Cali Group
Calibrate Partners
Calibrate Ventures
Calibre Ventures
California HealthCare Foundation
California Institute of Technology
California Medical Association
California Technology Ventures
CalPERS Clean Energy & Technology Fund
Calumnet Venture Fund
Calvert Funds
Calvert Investments
Calvert Social Investment Fund
Calvin Broadus Jr.
Calvin French-Owen
Calvin Soh
CAM Capital
Camber Capital
Camber Creek
Cambia Health Solutions
Cambridge Capital
Cambridge Companies SPG
Cambridge Innovation Capital
Cambridge West Ventures
Camden Partners
Camellia Venture Capital
Camelot Financial Capital Management
Cameron Dallas
Camino Real Capital Partners
Camp One Ventures
Campbell B. Lanier, III
Campbell Soup
Campus Explorer
Canaan Partners
Canaccord Genuity Group
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Canal Partners
Canal Ventures
Canapi Ventures
Candela Paramount
Cane Investments
Canepa Advanced Healthcare Fund
Cannae Holdings
Canopy Rivers
Canopy Ventures
Canrock Ventures
Canso Investment Counsel
Canter Capital
Cantos Ventures
Canvas Venture Fund
Canvas Ventures
Canyon Capital Advisors
Canyon Creek Capital
Canyon Healthcare Partners
Cap-Meridian Ventures
Capgenic Advisors
Capital A Partners
Capital E
Capital Factory
Capital for Founders
Capital Group
Capital Indigo
Capital Innovators
Capital Integral
Capital IP Investment Partners
Capital Midwest Fund
Capital Nine
Capital One Growth Ventures
Capital One Ventures
Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins
Capital Research and Management
Capital Royalty
Capital Sports Ventures
Capitala Group
Capitol Broadcasting Company
Capitol Health
Capnamic Ventures
Capri Ventures
Capricorn Healthcare
Capricorn Investment Group
Capricorn Venture Partners
Capricorn's Technology Impact Fund
Capstar Partners
Capstone Ventures
CapX Partners
Cardinal Health
Cardinal Partners
Cardinal Venture Capital
Care Capital
Carina Szpilka
Carl Bass
Carl Berg
Carl Byers
Carl Pascarella
Carl Rosendale
Carl Sparks
Carl Waldspurger
Carla Murray
Carlo de Benedetti
Carlos Slim
Carly Zakin
Carlyle Group
Carmel Ventures
Carmelo Anthony
Carmen Busquets
Carmen Innovations
Carnegie Arch Capital
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnrite Ventures
Carol Sands
Carolina Angel Network
Carolina Fintech Ventures
Carrick Capital Partners
Carrot Capital
Carter Reum
Cartesian Capital Group
Carthona Capital
Carver Family Office
Cary Rosenzweig
Casa Verde Capital
Cascade Angels
Cascade Investment
Casdin Capital
Casella Waste Systems
Casey Cowell
Casey Wasserman
Caspian Venture Partners
Castanea Partners
Castile Ventures
Castle Island Partners
Castle Island Ventures
Caston Capital Partners
Castor Ventures
Castrol InnoVentures
Catalio Capital Management
Catalus Capital
Catalyst Health Ventures
Catalyst Investors
Catalyst Sports
Catamount Ventures
Catapult Ventures
Cate Street Capital
Caterina Fake
Caterpillar Ventures
Cathay Innovation
Cathay Ventures
Cathexis Holdings
Catholic Health Initiatives
Catterton Partners
Causeway Media Partners
CAV Angels
Cava Capital
Cavallo Ventures
Cavalry Ventures
Cave Creek Capital Management
Cavendish Impact Capital Fund
CAVU Venture Partners
Caxton Advantage Life Sciences Fund
Caxton Alternative Management
Caxton Heath Life Sciences
Cayuga Venture Fund
Cayuga Ventures
CAZ Investments
CB Alliance
CBC Capital
CBC Group
CBC New Media Group
CBOE Global Markets
CBS Corporation
CBS Interactive
CD Ventures
CDBI Partners
CDH Solutions
CDIB Venture Capital
CDK Global
CE Ventures
CEAS Investments
CEC Capital
Cedar Fund
Cedar Grove Partners
Cedar Point Capital
Cedar Street Capital
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Cedric the Entertainer
Celeres Investments
Celeste Management
Celgene Corporation
Celtic House
Celtic Investment
CEMEX Ventures
Cempaka Schools
Cendana Capital
Cengage Learning
Centana Growth Partners
Centene Corporation
Center Electric
Center for Innovative Technology
CenterGate Capital
Centerman Capital
Centerview Capital Technology
Central Coast Angels
Central Texas Angel Network
Central Virginia Angels
Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy
Centrica Innovations
Centripetal Capital Partners
CentroCredit Bank
Century Game
Cerca Partners
Cerium Technology
Cerner Capital
CerraCap Ventures
Cervin Ventures
CET Capital Partners
Ceyuan Ventures
CFT Capital
Chad Byers
Chad Hurley
Chaifetz Group
Chairul Irawan
Chalor Capital
Chamath Palihapitiya
Chamberlain Group
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Chanjuan Pan
Channel Mark Ventures
Chaotic Ventures
Charge Ventures
Chariot Gold Limited
Charles 'Chip' Morris
Charles Allen
Charles Beemer
Charles Crowe
Charles Dolan
Charles E. Ryan
Charles Fitzgerald
Charles Huang
Charles Kim
Charles King
Charles Lho
Charles Phillips
Charles River Ventures
Charles Schwab
Charles Smith
Charles Songhurst
Charles Stonehill
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Cheever
Charlie McDermott
Charlie Pinto
Charlie Songhurst
Charlotte Angel Fund
Charlottesville Angel Network
Charmides Capital
Charter Capital Partners
Charter Communications
Charter Life Sciences
Charter School Growth Fund
Charterhouse Strategic Partners
Chartline Capital Partner
Chase Field
Chase Garbarino
Chasm Capital Management
Chatham Capital
Chatham Ventures
Chattanooga Renaissance Fund
Cheerful Link
Cheetah Mobile
Cheng Wu
Chengwei Capital
Cherry Tree Investments
Cherrystone Angel Group
Cherrystone Angels
Cherrystone TCA
Cherrytree VC
Chertoff Group
Cherubic Ventures
Cheryl and Carlin Stamm
Chestnut Hill Ventures
Chestnut Street Ventures
Chevron Technology Ventures
Chicago Growth Partners
Chicago Ventures
Chiesi Ventures
Children's Health
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
China 9fBank
China Assets Ltd
China Broadband Capital
China CITIC Bank
China Construction Bank International Holdings
China Credit Limited Holdings
China Everbright Limited
China Growth Capital
China Investment Corporation
China Life Healthcare Fund
China Materialia
China Media Capital
China Merchant Bank Investments
China Oceanwide USA Holdings
China Rock Capital
China Walden Ventures
China Wanxiang
Chingona Ventures
Chip Bergh
Chip Perry
Chiratae Ventures
CHL Medical Partners
Chmod Ventures
Chord Capital
Chris Brandenburg
Chris Brody
Chris Burch
Chris Burggraeve
Chris Carvalho
Chris DeVore
Chris DeWolfe
Chris DiBona
Chris Dixon
Chris Finley
Chris Grey
Chris Guzowski
Chris Heller
Chris Howard
Chris Hunter
Chris Jacquemin
Chris Kelly
Chris Klaus
Chris Liddell
Chris MacFarland
Chris McCoy
Chris Muhr
Chris Murray
Chris Muscarella
Chris Noble
Chris Pronger
Chris Protasewich
Chris Reap
Chris Regan
Chris Rouland
Chris Schroeder
Chris Shutts
Chris Sullivan
Chris Urmson
Chris Walters
Chris Waters
Chris Yin
Christian Jorg
Christian Lawless
Christopher Crain
Christopher Klauss Family Office
Christopher Lochhead
Christopher Mirabile
Chromo Invest
Chrysalis Ventures
Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital
Chrysalix SET
ChuanCheng Fund
Chuck Cooper
Chuck Geiger
Chuck Moran
Chuck Tannen
Chuck Templeton
Chung-Man Tam
CIBC Innovation Banking
Cibus Fund
CIC Asset Management
CIC Capital
CIC Partners
CICC Alpha
CID Capital
CID Group
Cielo Private Equity
Cigna Ventures
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center
Cinemark Theatres
Cinnober Financial Technology
Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund
Cipher Principles
Cipio Partners
Cipla Ventures
Cisco Investments
Cisco Systems
Cisco Ventures
Citi Ventures
CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co
Citrix Startup Accelerator
Citrix Systems Ventures
City & Guilds Group
City Capital Advisors
City Hill Ventures
City Light Capital
City National Bank
City of Denver's Office of Economic Development
City of Liyang, China
City of Wuxi
Civilization Ventures
CJM Ventures
CK Hutchison
CL Global Healthcare
Claire Bennett
Clairmont Capital
Clal Biotechnology Industries
Clal Insurance Ltd
Claremont Creek Ventures
Claridge Israel
Clarim Holdings
Clarion Direct Investment
Claritas Capital
Clark Kokich
Clark Landry
Clark Valberg
Clarke Miyasaki
Clarus Funds
Clarus Ventures
Clayton Associates
Clayton Venture Partners
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
Clean Energy Trust
Clean Energy Venture Group
Cleantech Syndicate
Clear Current Capital
Clear Venture Partners
ClearBridge Investments
Clearlake Capital Group
ClearPoint Investment Partners
ClearSky Power & Technology Fund
ClearSky Security
Clearstone Venture Partners
ClearVision Equity Partners
Clearvision Ventures
Clearwell Group
Cleo Capital
Cleveland Avenue
Cleveland Capital Management
Cleveland Clinic
Clifford Holekamp
Cliffton Group
Clifton Capital
Climate Capital
Climate Impact Capital
Clint Jones
Clinton Bybee
Clocktower Ventures
Closed Loop Capital
Closed Loop Ventures
Cloud Apps Capital Partners
Cloudstone Venture
Clough Capital Partners
Clover Health
CLP Holdings Group
CLR Partners
Clydesdale Bank
CM Capital
CMB International
CMBC Capital Holdings
CMC Holdings
CME Group
CME Ventures
CMEA Capital
CMFG Ventures
CMT Digital
CNF Investments
CNO Financial Group
Co-win Healthcare Fund
Coastal Ventures
Coatue Management
Cobalt Capital
Cobro Ventures
Coconut Tree Investments
Cocoon Ignite Ventures
Code Advisors
Cody Fauser
COENT Venture Partners
Coffin Capital
Cofounders Capital
Cogepa Investments
Cognite Ventures
Cognosante Ventures
Cohen Private Ventures
Cohort Capital
Coinbase Ventures
Coinstar, Inc.
Colchis Capital
Colin Angle
Coliseum Capital Management
Collaborative Fund
Collaborative VC
Colle Capital
Collina Ventures
Colony Capital
Colony NorthStar
Colopl Next
Colopl VR Fund
Colorado Impact Fund
Colorado University Healthcare Innovation Fund
Colorectal Cancer Alliance
Colt Ventures
Columbia Business School Lang Fund
Columbia Capital
Columbia Pacific Capital Management
Columbia Partners Private Capital
Columbia Ventures
Columbus Nova
Columbus Nova Technology Partners
Columbus Ventures
Column Group
COM Investments
Combined Agents of America
Comcast Cable
Comcast NBCUniversal
Comcast Ventures
Comerica Bank
Comet Labs
Commenda Capital
Commerce Ventures
Commercial Energy
Commercial Street Capital
Commodore Capital
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Capital Ventures
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Allegheny County
Commonwealth Seed Capital Fund
Community Health Network of Connecticut
Community Newspaper Holdings
Companion Fund
Company Ventures
Company X
Compass Partners
Competitor Group
Composite Capital
Compound Ventures
Comvest Group
Concord Energy
Concord Health Partners
Concord New Energy Group
Concrete Ventures
Concur Technologies
Concurrence Capital Holdings
Conde Nast
Conductive Ventures
Conegliano Ventures
Confluence Capital Partners
Congruent Ventures
Connect Ventures
Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development
Connecticut Innovations
Connectivity Capital
ConnectOne Bank
Connetic Ventures
Connexus A1 Fund
Connor Capital SB
Conor Venture Partners
Consensus Business Group
Consensus Lab
Consolidated Investment Group
Consort Medical
Constantia New Business
Constellation Energy
Constellation Technology Ventures
Consumer Growth Partners
Contemporary Healthcare Capital
Continental Advisors
Continental Grain
Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems
Continental Investors
Contour Venture Partners
Control Empresarial de Capitales
Converge Venture Partners
Converge Ventures
Convergence Partners
Conversion Capital
Conversion Venture Capital
Conviction Capital
Conyers Group
Copia Investments
Copley Equity Partners
Coppel Capital
Coral Group
Coran Capshaw
Corazon Capital
Core Capital Partners
Core Innovation Capital
Core VC
Core Ventures Group
Corecam Family Office
Corey Lee
Corigin Ventures
Corinthian Group
Corinthian Health Service
Cormark Securities
Cormorant Asset Management
Cormorant Capital
Cormorant Global Healthcare Master Fund
Cornerstone Angels
Cornerstone Fund
Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone Opportunity Partners
Cornes Technology
Correlation Ventures
Corsa Ventures
Corsair Capital
Corson Ellis
Cortado Ventures
Corus Entertainment
COSIMO Ventures
Costa Verde Capital
Costanoa Venture Capital
Costanoa Ventures
Costella Kirsch
Cota Capital
Cotter Cunningham
Cottonwood Technology Fund
Cottonwood Venture Partners
Cougar Capital
Council Capital
Counterpart Ventures
Counterview Capital
Court Square Capital Partners
Courtside Ventures
Cove Point Holdings
Coventry Asset Management
Covera Ventures
Covington Capital
Cowboy Ventures
Cowen Healthcare Investments
Cowen Investments
Cowen Private Investments
Cowin Venture Capital
Cowles Company
Cox Automotive
Cox Enterprises
Cox Investment Holdings
Cox Media Group
Coyote Ridge Ventures
CPT Capital
CR-CP Life Sciences Fund
Crabtree Partners
Craft Ventures
Craftsman Capital Partners
Craig Breslow
Craig Duchossois
Craig Kallman
Craig Mundie
Craig Nerenberg
Craig Schafer
Craig Sherman
Crane Venture Partners
Craton Equity Partners
Crawley Ventures
CRCM Ventures
CRE Ventures
Cream City Venture Capital
Creative Ventures
Credit Ease
Credit Suisse
CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund
Credo Ventures
Crescendo Ventures
Crescent Enterprises
Crescent Point Group
Crescent Ridge Partners Ventures
Cresco Capital
Crest Capital Ventures
Crestlight Venture Productions
Crestline Investors
CrestValue Capital
Crimson Peak
CrimsoNox Capital
Cris Conde
Cristobal Conde
Crocker Ventures
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
Cross Creek Advisors
Cross Creek Capital
Cross Culture Ventures
Cross Head
CrossCut Ventures
Crosslink Capital
Crosstimbers Ventures
Crown Battery Manufacturing
Crown Predator Holdings
Crown Venture Fund
Crypto Currency Partners
Crystal Horizon Investments
Crystal Towers
CSA Partners
CSAA Insurance Group
CSC Upshot
CSC Venture Capital
CSL Ventures
Cthulhu Ventures
CTI Life Sciences
CTW Venture Partners
CU Healthcare Innovation Fund
CU Solutions Group
Cue Ball
cultivate(MD) Capital Funds
Cultivation Capital
Cultivian Sandbox Venture Partners
Cultivian Ventures
Cultural Leadership Fund
Cuneo & Co.
Cupola Infrastructure Income Fund
Curative Ventures
CureDuchenne Ventures
Curious Minds
Curtis Polk
CV Starr
CVC Growth Partners
CVH Holdings
CWC HealthTech Advisors
CX Collective
CXO Fund
Cyan Banister
Cybersecurity Investments
Cycad Group
Cycle Capital Management
Cyhawk Ventures
CYM Ventures
Cypress Capital
Cypress Growth Capital
Cyrus Capital
D&D Pharmatech
D.C. Community Ventures
D.E. Shaw Ventures
D1 Capital Partners
D20 Capital
Dace Ventures
DAG Ventures
Daher Capital
Dai-ichi Life
Daiwa Corporate Investment
Daiwa PI Partners
Dakota Venture Group
Dale Carlsen
Dale Dougherty
Dallas Angel Network
Dallas Venture Partners
Dalus Capital
Damon Way
Dan Amiga
Dan Caffee
Dan Ciporin
Dan Cook
Dan Doctoroff
Dan Gilbert
Dan Graham
Dan Henry
Dan Jones
Dan Levitan
Dan Mannix
Dan Martell
Dan Nordstrom
Dan Phillips
Dan Porter
Dan Rose
Dan Rosensweig
Dan Rubinstein
Dan Siciliano
Dan Simons
Dan Warmenhoven
Dana Stalder
Dandong Xintai Electric
Dane Creek Capital
Daniel Boulud
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Dines
Daniel Graf
Daniel Gwak
Daniel Kao
Daniel Leff
Daniel Loeb
Daniel Scheinman
Daniel Spirek
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Tierney
Daniel Waterhouse
Daniel Yates
Danielle Weisberg
Danmar Capital
Danny Masterson
Danny Meyer
Danny Tocatly
Danny Zappin
Danone Manifesto Ventures
DaouKiwoom Group
Dara Khosrowshahi
Darco Capital
Darcy Antonellis
Daren Cotter
Darian Shirazi
Darkknight Ventures
Darling Ventures
Darren Bechtel
Darren Rovell
Dartmouth Street Ventures
Darwin Venture Management
Dassault Systemes
Data Collective
Data Point Capital
Dauk/Wagner Investments
Daum Communication
Dave Anderson
Dave Baggett
Dave Cole
Dave Dolby
Dave Duffield
Dave Eisenberg
Dave Elkington
Dave Free
Dave Gilboa
Dave Goldberg
Dave Grow
Dave Hersh
Dave Hoover
Dave Johnson
Dave Kennedy
Dave Lerner
Dave Leyrer
Dave McClure
Dave Moellenhoff
Dave Morin
Dave Sandrowitz
Dave Strohm
Dave Welch
Dave Williams
Dave Yarnold
David Aho
David Aronoff
David Beck
David Beirne
David Bettner
David Blitzer
David Bonderman
David Bulfer
David Cancel
David Carter
David Chang
David Chao
David Cheriton
David Clouse
David Coallier
David Cohen
David Cummings
David Dame
David Dolby
David Dolgen
David Dorman
David Drummond
David Duffield
David Ebersman
David Eisner
David Ellison
David Farahi
David Fisch
David Fischer
David Fitzgerald
David Flaschen
David Fraga
David Frankel
David Friedberg
David Fry
David G. Cohen
David Gilboa
David Given
David Gorodyansky
David Heath
David Helgason
David Hunt
David Jacques
David Jeske
David Jones
David Kalt
David Karp
David Klein
David Ko
David Komansky
David Krell
David Lee
David Lerner
David Levy
David Liu
David Lowery
David Metter
David O'Flynn
David Perry
David Phillips
David Popowitz
David Remer
David Ritter
David Rodnitzky
David Rosenblatt
David Roux
David Sacks
David Sandberg
David Schmaier
David Schottenstein
David Schwartz
David Shaw
David Shim
David Spector
David Stern
David Strohm
David Sturek
David Tepper
David Testa
David Tisch
David Troy
David Tsang
David Ulevitch
David Utley
David Vivero
David Walt
David Wells
David William Baum
David Windley
David Wong
David Zaslav
David Zhao
Davinia Investments
Davis Capital Partners
Davis Smith
DaVita HealthCare Partners
Dawn Capital
Dawn LePore
Day One Investments
Day One Ventures
Daylight Partners
DB Digital Ventures
DB Masdar Cleantech Fund
DB Schenker
DBL Investors
DBL Partners
DBS Bank
DC Community Ventures
DC Investment Partners
Dcode Capital
DCP Management
De Novo Ventures
Dean Drako
DeBartolo Family
Debbie Harmon
Debbie Ratner Salzberg
Deborah Benton
Deborah Hopkins
Deborah Kilpatrick
Deborah Meijer
Deborah Quazzo
Debra Cafaro
Decent Capital
Decheng Capital
Decibel Ventures
Declan Doogan M.D.
Declaration Capital
Declaration Partners
Deep Fork Capital
Deep Nishar
Deepak Chopra
DeepWork Capital
Deerfield Foundation
Deerfield Healthcare
Deerfield Management Company, L.P.
Deerfield Partners
Defiance Ventures
Define Ventures
DEFTA Healthcare Technologies
DEFTA Partners
Defy Partners
Delaware Street Capital
Delian Capital
Delin Capital
Dell Technologies Capital
Dell Ventures
Delos Capital
Delos Capital Fund LP
Delphi Automotive
Delphi Ventures
Delta Capital
Delta Dental Washington Seed Fund
Delta Electronics Capital
Delta Emerald Ventures
Delta Partners
Delta-V Capital
Demarest Films
Dementia Discovery Fund
Demi Lovato
Demian Sellfors
Demis Hassabis
Den Danske Forskningsfond
Denali Venture Partners
Denis Grosz
Dennis Joyce
Dennis Nally
Dennis Phelps
Denny Hill Capital
DeNovo Ventures
DENSO Group Company
DENSO International America
Dentsu Inc.
Dentsu Ventures
Derek Jeter
Derek Parham
Derek Smith
Derrick Morgan
Des Traynor
Desert Angels
Deshe Holdings
Design 2 Matter
Designer Fund
DeSimone Group Investments
Desjardins Innovatech
Desjardins Insurance
Detroit Innovate
Detroit Venture Partners
Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures
Deutsche Borse
Deutsche Invest Equity
Deutsche Investitions
Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners
Development 72
Development Bank of Japan
Devin Guan
Devonshire Investors
DF Capital
DF Enterprises
DFE Capital Managemen
DFJ Athena
DFJ Core
DFJ Esprit
DFJ Frontier
DFJ Gotham Ventures
DFJ Growth
DFJ Mercury
DFJ Portage
DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures
DFJ VTB Capital Aurora
DG Incubation
DGB Investments
DH Capital
Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Thakker
Dialog Semiconductor
Diamond BioFund
Diamond Edge Ventures
Diamond Generating
Diamond State Ventures
Dian Diagnostics
Diane Greene
Diane Hendricks
Diane Hessan
Diaz Nesamoney
Dick Cheney
Dick Costolo
Dick Schulze
Didi Kuaidi
Diego Basch
Diego Berdakin
Diego Canoso
Differential Ventures
DIG Investments
Dig Ventures
Digi Labs
Digi Venture Fund
Digicel Group
Digital Advertising Consortium
Digital Alpha
Digital Currency Group
Digital Entertainment Ventures
Digital Future
Digital Garage
Digital Grid
Digital Hearts
Digital Horizon Capital
Digital Ignition
Digital News Ventures
Digital Plus Partners
Digital Realty
Digital Sandbox KC
Digital Science
Digital Sky Technologies
Digital+ Partners
Digitalis Ventures
Digitech Venture Capital Fund
DigiTx Partners
Dignity Health
DILA Capital
Diligent Capital
Dillon Hill Capital
Dimension Data
Dioko Health Ventures
Dipalo Ventures
Direct Selling Capital
Dirk Elmendorf
Dirk Wakeham
Discount Capital
Discovery Capital Management
Discovery Communications
Disruptive Technologies
Disruptor Capital
Ditch Plains Capital Management
DivcoWest Real Estate Investments
Divergent Ventures
Divesh Makan
Divya Gugnani
DJV Venture Capital
DLA Piper Venture Funds
DMC Capital Funding
DMG Entertainment
Dmitri Alperovitch
DMWMDW Interests
DN Capital
DNA Capital
DNS Capital
DNX Ventures
Doc Rivers
DoCoMo Capital
Docor International Management
DOEN Foundation
Dohler Ventures
Dolby Family Ventures
Dolby Ventures
Dolik Ventures
Doll Capital Management
Dollar General
Domain Associates
Dominic Orr
Dominion Capital
Don Brown
Don C
Don Carty
Don Dodge
Don Hutchison
Don Katz
Don Layden
Don Listwin
Don McLagan
Don Walsworth
Donald Kendall
Dongkoo Bio&Pharma
Donn Davis
Donna Wilkins
Dormitus Ventures
Doss Cunningham
Dot Capital
Double J Capital
DoubleLine Equity Healthcare Fund
Doug Baldwin Jr.
Doug Bowman
Doug Carlisle
Doug Cobb
Doug Ellin
Doug Fogelson
Doug Hecht
Doug Hutcheson
Doug Joon Lee
Doug Maine
Doug Monieson
Doug Pinckney
Doug Schatz
Dougherty and Company
Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures
Douglas Brown
Douglas Purdy
Dowling Capital Partners
Downey Ventures
Downing Ventures
DP World Group of Dubai
Dr. Charles Stryker
Dr. David Donohue
Dr. David Pyott
Dr. David Walt
Dr. Fred St. Goar
Dr. Jacque Sokolov
Dr. John P. Blank
Dr. John Wigneswaran
Dr. Kathy Fields
Dr. Keh-Shew Lu
Dr. Larry Hsu
Dr. Lyle Dennis
Dr. Mario Molina
Dr. Michael Dobryansky
Dr. Michael Schenden
Dr. Mitzi Krockover
Dr. Patrick Conway
Dr. Paul Judge
Dr. Steven LaValle
Dr. Thomas Mackie
Dr. Timothy Davis
Dr. Uma Valeti
Draft Ventures
Dragon Capital
Dragoneer Investment Group
Dragonfly Capital
Drake Management
Draper Associates
Draper Athena
Draper Esprit
Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet
Draper Frontier
Draper Nexus Ventures
Draper Richards
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Draper Triangle
Draper Triangle Ventures
Drayton Park Capital
Dream Incubator
Dreamers Fund
Dreamers Startup Ventures
Dreamers VC
DreamIt Ventures
Dreampact Ventures
Drew Goldman
Drew Houston
Drew Koven
Drew Oetting
Drew Perkins
Drew Taggart
Dreyfus Family Office
Driehaus Capital Management
Drive Capital
DROIA Oncology Ventures
Druid Bioventures
Drummond Road Capital
DRW Ventures
dRx Capital
DSC Investment
DSCN Capital
DSM Venturing
DST Global
DTE Energy Ventures
Dubin & Co.
Dublin Capital Partners
Duchossois Group
Duke Angel Network
Duke Energy
Duke University
Dundee Venture Capital
Dundon Capital Partners
dunnhumby Ventures
DuPont Capital Management
DuPont Ventures
Durable Capital Partners
Durand Venture Associates
Durant Company
Dustin Moskovitz
DVI Equity Partners
DVP Investment
DW Partners
Dwayne Bravo
Dwight Howard
Dwyane Wade
Dylan Field
Dylan Smith
Dynamic Investments
Dynamic Loop
Dynamk Capital
Dynamo Fund
E Ink
E. W. Scripps Company
E14 Fund
E8 Fund
Eagle Cliff
Eagle Ventures
Early Investments
Early Stage Partners
Early Warning Services
Earth Investments
East Central Ohio Tech Angels Fund
East Chain Co.
East Penn Manufacturing
East Rock Capital
East Seattle Partners
East Ventures
East West Capital
Easterly Capital
Eastern Advisors
Eastern Bank
Eastern Capital
Eastlink Capital
Easton Capital
Easton Capital Investment Group
Eastside Partners
Eastward Capital Partners
Eastwood Capital
Eaton Vance
EB5 Life Sciences
EBRD Venture Capital
EBSCO Capital
ECA Ventures
Echelon Ventures
Echo Capital
Echo Health Ventures
EchoVC Partners
Eclipse and Eniac
Eclipse Ventures
Ecliptic Capital
eCoast Angel Network
EcoEnterprises Fund
Ecomobilite Ventures
EcoR1 Capital
Ecosystem Integrity Fund
Ed Baker
Ed Cluss
Ed Goodman
Ed Mathias
Ed Moran
Ed Ojdana
Ed Reed
Ed Roberts
Ed Roman
Ed Snider
Ed Whitacre Jr.
Ed Wilson
Ed Woolard
Ed Zander
Ed Zimmerman
EDB Investments
Edelweiss Private Equity
Eden Rock Group
Eden Ventures
EDF Ventures
EDG Partners
Edgar D. Jannotta, Jr.
Edgemore Capital
Edison Energy
Edison Factory
Edison Partners
Edison Ventures
EdMentor VC
Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners
Edovate Capital
EDP Ventures
Eduardo Saverin
Eduardo Vivas
Education Growth Partners
EduLab Capital Partners
EDVenture Holdings
Edward Crawford
Edward Ludwig
Edward Norton
Edward W. Scott, Jr.
Edwards LifeSciences
Efficient Capacity
Efficient Corporate
Efung Capital
EG Capital Group
Egan-Managed Capital
EGIS Capital Partners
Egon Durban
Ehud Weinstein
EIA Social Enterprise Fund
EIC Ventures
Eight Capital
Eight Partners
Eight Road Ventures
Eight Roads
Eight Square Capital
Eighteen94 Capital
Eileen Rudden
Eileses Capital
Eitan Wertheimer
EKF Diagnostics
Ekistic Ventures
El Dorado Investment Company
El Paso Advisors
eLab Ventures
Elad Gil
Elaia Partners
Elanco Animal Health
Eldar Investment
Eldridge Industries
Electranova Capital
Electric Capital
Electro Scientific Industries
Electronic Arts
Element 8
Elements Capital
Elements Partners
Elephant Partners
Elevage Capital Management
Elevate Capital
Elevate Innovation Partners
Elevate Ventures
Elevation Partners
Elevator Ventures
Eleven Two Capital
ELFH Holding
Eli Alroy
Eli Broverman
Eli Elroy
Eli Harari
Eli Lilly and Company
Eli Manning
Eli Portnoy
Elias Torres
Elie Seidman
Elio Leoni Sceti
Elisabeth Bentel-Carpenter
Elixir Capital
Elizabeth Crowell
Elizabeth Cutler
Elizabeth Spaulding
Elizabeth Street Ventures
Elizabeth Tse
Elle Bruno
Ellen Keszler
Ellen Levy
Ellen Pao
Elliot Loh
Elliott Management
Elliott Sigal
Ellipsis Ventures
Ellis Capital
Elm Spring Holdings
Elm Street Ventures
Elma Hawkins, Ph.D.
Elridge Industries
Elsewhere Partners
Elton John
Elysian Park Ventures
Elysium Management
Emagen Entertainment Group
EMB International
Embark Ventures
EMBL Ventures
EMC Insurance Companies
Emerald Development Managers
Emerald Stage2
Emerald Technology Ventures
Emergence Capital Partners
Emergent Medical Partners
Emergent Ventures
Emerging Longevity Ventures
Emerging Technologies Partners
Emerson Collective
Emerson Investment Group
Emigrant Capital
Emil Capital Partners
Emil Michael
Eminence Capital
Eminent Venture Capital
Emmett Partners
Emmett Shear
Empire Angels
Empire State Development Fund
Empower Investment
Encore Consumer Capital
Encore Ventures
Encourage Capital
End Cue
Endeavor Catalyst
Endeavor Vision
Endeavour Vision
Endo Investors
Endurance Ventures
Enerdigm Ventures
Energize Ventures
Energy & Environment Investment Inc
Energy Access Ventures
Energy Foundry
Energy Growth Momentum
Energy Impact Partners
Energy Innovation Capital
EnerTech Capital
Enfield Ventures
Engage Ventures
ENGIE New Ventures
Engineering Capital
Enhanced Capital
Eni Next
Eniac Ventures
Enlightened Hospitality Investments
Enlightenment Capital
Enrique Salem
Ensemble Labs
Enspire Capital
Entangled Group
Enterprise Angels Fund
Enterprise Holdings Ventures
Enterprise Investment Partners
Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Security Syndicate
Entertainment Partners
Entourage Effect Capital
Entrada Ventures
Entre Capital
Entree Capital
Entrepreneurs Expansion Fund
Entrepreneurs Fund
Entrepreneurs Investment Fund
Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator
Entropy Research Lab
enVision Capital
Envision Energy
Envision Ventures
Envoy Ventures
Envy Tech Fund I
Enzyme Venture Capital
Eoghan McCabe
Eoin Harrington
Eos Partners
EOS Ventures
Epic Games
EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants
EPIC Ventures
Epidarex Capital
Epilepsy Foundation of America
EPIQ Capital Group
Epsilon Venture Partners
Epstein Partners
EQT Ventures
Equal Ventures
Equinor Energy Ventures
Equinor Technology Ventures
Equinox Capital
Equity Group Investments
Equity Venture Partners
Equus Holdings
Eric Baker
Eric Bunting
Eric Di Benedetto
Eric Dunn
Eric Goldman
Eric Goldreyer
Eric Hahn
Eric Hammond
Eric Hippeau