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TMRW Life Sciences Closes $105M Series C

NEW YORK, NY, TMRW Life Sciences announces the completion of a $105 million Series C equity and debt financing today.
TMRW Life Sciences, the life sciences technology firm providing the world's first automated platform for tracking, monitoring, and storage of frozen eggs and embryos used in in vitro fertilization (IVF), announced the completion of a $105 million Series C equity and debt financing today.

The equity round was led by Transformation Capital and includes participation from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Casdin Capital, Peter Thiel, Anne and Susan Wojcicki, and existing investors 5AM Ventures and Life Sciences Innovation Fund, among others. In addition, the Company's debt partner Signature Bank increased their existing debt facility, expanding their relationship with TMRW.

TMRW Life Sciences has created the first automated solution for how frozen eggs and embryos are stored, tracked, and monitored during the IVF process. Before TMRW, these irreplaceable eggs and embryos were solely managed using manual and analog methods borrowed from livestock breeding, leaving eggs and embryos vulnerable to significant human error. TMRW's technology brings the IVF lab into the 21st century and ushers in a new standard of care for eggs and embryos just as fertility care has reached an inflection point: It's estimated that 15% of couples worldwide now struggle with infertility. The outdated systems clinics have put in place are simply incapable of meeting this rising demand for IVF and egg freezing. With the TMRW platform, eggs and embryos are traceable using RFID technology and safely maintained at cryogenic temperatures using robotics, 24/7 remote monitoring, and fully integrated software. The TMRW platform is transforming the possibilities for fertility and family planning by safeguarding the most precious cells for life.
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