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Tinypay Closes $1M

Dutch firm raised funds from Turkish Aksoy Internet Ventures.
DELFT, NETHERLANDS, Tinypay, an e-commerce startup that makes it easy to sell just about anything online, has raised $1 million from Aksoy Internet Ventures in order to expand globally. Since its launch in the Netherlands last year, Tinypay has attracted thousands of sellers from all over the world and now it's moving the headquarters to San Francisco.

"We want to be in Silicon Valley because it offers a lot more opportunities to grow our company", says Melvin Tercan, the CEO of the young company. "Our mission is to conquer the world and there's no better place to start than here."

Tinypay simplifies the hassles of e-commerce and makes online selling accessible to everyone. Anyone can share products on Facebook and Twitter within minutes just by going to and filling out a single form. Sellers receive instant payments directly in their PayPal account. It's a great place to sell second-hand items, hand-made crafts, and even digital files like e-books and mp3s from a personalized, fully customizable shop. For more information, visit

Aksoy Internet Ventures Chairman Taner Aksoy, commented "We are proud to support Tinypay with our vision and experience as well as funding. As founders of, the #1 classifieds and e-commerce platform in Turkey, we are very excited being part of this game changing team in e-commerce. We are certain that Tinypay will be a big hit globally". Aksoy Internet Ventures actively seeks out and makes early stage investment in promising Internet companies regionally and globally. For more information, visit

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