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Thought Equity Motion Raises $25M

Shamrock Capital Advisors provided capital. Thought Equity is a leading provider of video platform and footage licensing services.
DENVER, CO, Thought Equity Motion, Inc., a leading provider of video platform and footage licensing services, today announced the closing of a $25 million investment from Shamrock Capital Advisors, a leading investment firm focused on the media, entertainment and communications sectors.

The funding is to support the continued growth of the company's technology platform, the expansion of its cloud storage infrastructure, and the ability to service customers globally.

Thought Equity Motion has been a leader in managing and unlocking the value of large scale video libraries for over 400 of the world's top media companies through its state-of-the-art, global footage licensing platform. Tens of thousands of professional video producers utilize the company's video licensing platform on a daily basis. This includes major film studios, news organizations, sports rights holders, agencies and video production companies. The company's advanced video applications and Wyoming-based cloud storage infrastructure support scale, efficiency, and rich functionality for its media clients worldwide.

"We're excited to be working with Shamrock, as their expertise and relationships in the media space will add tremendous value as we scale our business," said Kevin Schaff, CEO & Founder of Thought Equity Motion. "This is a key milestone for Thought Equity Motion. Over the last eight years we have built out our video platform and helped the world's leading media rights holders and video producers store, access, and monetize their libraries at multi-petabyte scale. We estimate that the market for video management at over $2B and growing at over 30% per year. The industry is at an inflection point with respect to digital workflows, and we are driving the transformation to cloud-based storage and access models that represent the next stage in the evolution of video production."

Video content is undergoing tremendous growth and the world's producers have shifted to digital workflows, creating new demand for master file backup, storage, access, and delivery. The IDC Digital Universe report of April 2010 projects video storage to grow from 1.2 million petabytes in 2010 to 35 million petabytes in 2020, with video projected to be half of the total. (1 petabyte = 1,024 terabytes).

"Shamrock Capital Advisors has looked at numerous companies supporting the next-generation digital supply chain for content," said Robert Perille, Partner at Shamrock. "Thought Equity Motion works with major global content owners, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, BBC Motion Gallery, NHK, and the NCAA. Thought Equity Motion's team, technology, and market traction position the company to capitalize on this tremendous market opportunity in digital asset management."

About Thought Equity Motion, Inc.:
Thought Equity Motion increases the value of video content through its advanced technology platform and licensing services. The company delivers large scale archive management and "smart content" metadata tools as a cloud service, providing greater control with reduced cost and complexity. Thought Equity Motion also offers rights development expertise, enabling media rights holders to generate new value from their content.

Through its Web platform and global sales force, the company licenses sports, news, entertainment, editorial, and creative content to the world's leading producers in advertising, film, television, publishing, and interactive media.

Thought Equity Motion works with more than 400 rights holders globally, including BBC Motion Gallery, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, National Geographic, The New York Times, and the NCAA.

About Shamrock Capital Advisors:
Shamrock is an independent Los Angeles-based private equity firm focused solely on the media, entertainment, and communications industries. In 2010, Shamrock's private equity activities were formally separated from Shamrock Holdings, Inc., the family office for the late Roy E. Disney. Shamrock is now majority owned by its partners and invests on behalf of a diversified group of institutional limited partners in both control and minority investments. Representative investments include Screenvision, InGrooves, MediaStorm, PRN, RealD, Portal Player, NetGear and Modern Luxury. Shamrock currently has over $700 million under management.

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