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Thesis Announces $13.5M Seed and Series A

NEW YORK, NY, Thesis, the company that offers a customized approach to cognitive performance products based on your unique brain chemistry, has raised over $13.5 million in funding.
The company recently closed on a Series A round totaling $8.4 million with investors that included Unilever Ventures, Redo Ventures, Alive VC, Break Trail, NBA superstar Kevin Love and model Kate Bock. Previously the company raised $5.1 million in an undisclosed seed round that included Unilever Ventures, MBX, Trust Ventures and Redo Ventures.

Thesis offers potent nutrient compounds formulated to enhance mental performance, based on your unique brain chemistry and the cognitive states you want to achieve. Whether taking the Energy Formula to overcome fatigue, the Clarity Formula to enter a flow state, or the Motivation Formula to decrease procrastination, Thesis offers these specific blends and more to target specific outcomes.
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