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Theorycraft Games Announces $50M Series B

LOS ANGELES, CA, Theorycraft Games today announced an additional $50 million raised in Series B funding.
The round was led by Makers Fund with participation from NEA and a16z. Theorycraft Games will use this raise to continue building out the most talent-dense team in games and to ensure they can keep making deep, 10,000 hour games that are just better when played with friends, like the company's first game, codenamed Loki.

Theorycraft Games is an independent game studio on a mission to make deep, 10,000-hour games that are just better when played with friends. Theorycraft was founded in December 2020 by Joe Tung, Mike Tipul, Michael Evans, Areeb Pirani, and Moby Francke - former studio leaders at Riot Games, Bungie, Blizzard, and Valve Software. Collectively they led the development of games such as League of Legends, Halo, Destiny, Overwatch, VALORANT, DotA 2, and Team Fortress 2.
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