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Sysdig Raises $10.7M

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Sysdig, the container visibility company, today announced a $10.7 million Series A funding.
Sysdig today announced two significant milestones in its mission to bring infrastructure and application monitoring to the world of containers and microservices: a $10.7 million Series A funding led by Accel and Bain Capital Ventures (BCV); and the general availability of Sysdig Cloud, the first monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting platform specializing in container visibility, which is already used by more than 30 enterprise customers. The funding will be used to drive adoption of Sysdig Cloud in the container market.

Container technologies like Docker, CoreOS, and Mesos are revolutionizing enterprise IT by enabling teams to more quickly and easily create, deploy, and scale distributed, microservice-driven applications. And as we have seen with other major platform shifts, this new microservices software paradigm demands a new, ground-up approach to infrastructure and tooling. Visibility is a key example, as legacy monitoring solutions have failed to meet the needs of the burgeoning container market.

'As containers become a vital part of application deployment, the need for container centric monitoring and visibility becomes paramount,' said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, the creator of Tectonic that provides Google-like infrastructure for everyone else. 'There is great demand for a tool like Sysdig's that provides insight into the complexity and dynamism of containerized environments. Sysdig's technology is helping advance the container industry by bringing production quality tools to make containers easier to understand and use.'

Sysdig Cloud is the first and only performance management solution built to address the unique monitoring challenges inherent to containerized, microservice-driven applications. 'Containers are by their very nature dynamic, isolated, lightweight, and portable,' said Loris Degioanni, CEO and founder of Sysdig. 'These characteristics have put containers at the heart of the current revolution from monolithic apps to microservices. But these same characteristics also make containers impractical to monitor with traditional, agent-based methods. What the market is demanding now is a new, 'container-native' performance management approach that both respects the core principles of containers and enables their core benefits.'

Powered by Sysdig's patent-pending ContainerVision technology, Sysdig Cloud can monitor your entire architecture from its own stand-alone container, with zero configuration, and yet still offer deep visibility into every other service running in your environment. In other words, Sysdig Cloud is monitoring as a microservice.

'Before using Sysdig Cloud, we had a difficult time understanding how our Docker containers were interacting with other components of our infrastructure,' said Dan Sowter, Engineering Manager at fundraising site everydayhero. 'Sysdig Cloud is the only solution that delivers the unique ability to see inside containers without instrumenting the containers themselves. This elegant approach fits naturally into our microservice architecture, and gives my team the insight we need to monitor and troubleshoot our new containerized environment confidently and efficiently.'

Sysdig Cloud's core features include everything you would expect from an enterprise-grade monitoring solution: robust dashboards and alerting, built-in integrations with all your common components, and support for custom metrics and checks. On top of that, Sysdig Cloud offers unique features specifically designed for distributed, service-oriented architectures: real time data, application topologies, back-in-time system replay, and automatic anomaly detection. And all of this comes with a dead-simple installation: just drop in the standard Sysdig Cloud container. No configuration, no plugins, no agents, and no code instrumentation. Sysdig Cloud users are now able to easily:

Deploy enterprise-grade monitoring as a microservice
Gain deep visibility into containers, beyond just basic resource usage
Understand the holistic state of their complex, distributed environments
Troubleshoot bottlenecks and issues in containerized applications
'Container technology is exploding, as many realize,' said Ping Li, a partner at Accel. 'But despite the many advantages, teams are hesitant to deploy into production. Now, Sysdig has developed a solution that fixes a critical blocker - monitoring and visibility.' Ben Holzman, Managing Director at BCV, said, 'The impressive customer traction achieved by Sysdig Cloud, even before launching today, has demonstrated a real pain-point in the market. Containers represent the future of modern software development, and we are excited to back Sysdig in its mission to enable the adoption of this powerful technology.'

This latest round of financing brings Sysdig's total funding to date to $13 million, including a previously undisclosed $2.3 million seed funding round led by BCV in June 2013.

Sysdig Cloud is available as software as a service, launching today, or as a self-hosted solution that is currently still in beta. For a 14-day free trial of Sysdig Cloud, please visit

About Sysdig

Sysdig is the container visibility company, dedicated to making containers viable and mainstream by offering production-quality visibility into containerized applications, without sacrificing any of the benefits that make containers great. Sysdig is creating a new generation of 'container-native' performance management solutions, designed specifically to deliver monitoring in a microservices-friendly architecture. Founded in 2013 by Loris Degioanni, the company's open source sysdig technology has attracted a community of hundreds of thousands of developers, administrators and other IT professionals looking for deep visibility into systems and containers. Sysdig's commercial product, Sysdig Cloud, is the first and only comprehensive, container-native monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting platform. Learn more at and, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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