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Statwing Has New Funds, New Partner Program

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Statwing has raised a new round of angel funding and launched a program that allows web apps to embed its tools.
A company offering a program to visualize statistics from spreadsheets automatically has raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding.

San Francisco-based Statwing also announced a new partner program that allows developers to embed its program in their own sites and apps. The company did not disclose terms of its funding, other than its source, according to published reports; Jeff Hammerbacher, Jason Seats, Diego Basch, David Coallier, Matthew Kimball, Juan Luis Vicente, and Juanjo Matam all served as angel investors.

Statwing offers tools for non-statisticians to analyze data. It creates charts, graphs, heat maps, and other visualizations for data sets, and even automatically identifies outliers and statistically significant differences in data. The company now offers both contract data analysis and embedding of its tools into other apps and sites. The company is based in San Francisco.
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