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Squirro Scores Additional Seed Funding

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Digital personal assistant announced that it received a considerable infusion of capital from the international consortium of investors who participated in the initial seed funding.
In the wake of it's successful development over the past 12 months, Squirro, the world's first digital personal assistant, announces that it received a considerable infusion of capital from the international consortium of investors who participated in the initial seed funding.

The group of investors consists of highly influential individuals and companies who have been catalysts in the ERP, CRM and BI industries over the past two decades, and include former executives of QlikTech, Siebel Systems and SAP AG, as well as Hoepfner, Z├╝rcher Kantonalbank and the Hasler Foundation.

Alex Ott, founder of CrossContinentalVentures, said of his continuous support in Squirro:

"The ever increasing deluge of data and unstructured information that corporations and individuals are consistently bombarded with remains a real problem. It is very gratifying to see that Squirro, with its groundbreaking, but "simple-to-turn-on" and fun to use application, is getting phenomenal response from users. We are ecstatic to be part of this continuing journey."

Squirro is considered the most intuitive Sales Intelligence solution available today. It provides actionable intelligence to sales representatives, key account managers and marketing professionals. Its approach is based on contextual keywords and smart signal interpretations from multiple sources.

Early adopter, Stephen Rietzke, Business Development Manager at Itelligence, the world's largest SAP implementation partner, said about Squirro:

"I use Squirro on a daily basis for customer and market intelligence. Squirro - compared to specialized sources - consistently delivers more and better results."

Up and running literally in minutes, Squirro helps users solve the problem of information overload and clutter: it's like a noise-cancelling headset. It is designed to work according to the way people seek and consume content - based on topics of interest not predefined categories. The result is a continuously updated living collection, which can be analyzed for actionable intelligence.

While this non-numeric business intelligence is highly appreciated by sales and marketing professionals, Squirro adds value instantaneously to anyone who wants actionable real-time feeds, both from internal and external sources.

David Pidsley, Managing Director, Cause Analytics Ltd., further added about the usability of Squirro:

"Squirro, in a nutshell, introduces a scalable, affordable mechanism to enhance our platform. Many standalone analytics programs that offer this functionality were too complicated. Squirro simplifies gathering the information - just ask it a question and it delivers the information you want."

The funding will be used to develop Squirro further, to leverage the application across additional CRM platforms (Squirro is available on Saleforce AppExchange, on SAP Business by Design and as a standalone version), and to expand its international reach.

About Squirro

Squirro is the personal digital research app. Broader than feeds and more specific than search, Squirro scans multiple sources from Internet channels and social media, private databases and internal systems to find the most relevant information on your topic of interest, then updates it continuously and automatically. The result is a living collection of curated content you can save, synthesize and share with friends and colleagues in your own private workspace. Squirro is available for desktops, browsers, smartphones and tablets with no need to synchronize.

Squirro is developed by a team of passionate Internet geeks and entrepreneurs with high ambitions: To simplify the everyday need to find, remember, organize and share important information.
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