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SpecterOps Extends Series A Financing Round

SEATTLE, WA, SpecterOps today announced it extended its Series A to include an $8.5 million investment from Ballistic Ventures.
SpecterOps, a provider of adversary-focused cybersecurity solutions born out of unique insights of advanced threat actor tradecraft, today announced it extended its Series A to include an $8.5M investment from Ballistic Ventures. This brings SpecterOps' Series A total to $33.5M. The funding will further accelerate the already significant adoption of BloodHound Enterprise (BHE), the industry's first platform for comprehensively removing identity attack paths in Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD. It will also expand research and development initiatives across SpecterOps, including BloodHound free and open source software (FOSS). The most recent version of BloodHound FOSS was released in April 2023.

SpecterOps is a cybersecurity solutions and services provider specializing in deep knowledge of adversary tradecraft to help clients detect and defend against sophisticated attackers. The company releases numerous widely used free and open-source security toolsets, including BloodHound, a penetration testing solution which maps attack paths in Active Directory and Azure environments. BloodHound has been recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, PricewaterhouseCoopers and many more. BloodHound Enterprise is the company's first defense solution for enterprise security and identity teams.
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