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Simbian Emerges With $10M Seed Round

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Simbian today emerged from stealth mode with oversubscribed $10 million seed funding to deliver on fully autonomous security.
As a first step towards that goal, the company is introducing the industry's first GenAI-powered security co-pilot that integrates secure and intelligent AI solutions into diverse IT environments to maximize coverage and expedite resolutions to security teams' ever-changing needs. The co-pilot continuously observes user actions and environments, and learns to autonomously perform increasingly sophisticated tasks on its own with time. Simbian is committed to making security fully autonomous by delegating all tactical tasks to its trusted AI platform, allowing users to focus on strategic security goals.

Simbian, the name derived from the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, has received initial investment from security and AI-focused investors Cota Capital, Icon Ventures, Firebolt and Rain Capital. Its founding team comprises leading AI researchers and security veterans who have created security products in broad use across enterprises today, and have 150+ patents across large language models, cloud computing, encryption, scalable architecture, transistors, and hardware design.

Using GenAI, Simbian is the industry's first company to integrate secure and intelligent AI solutions into business operations across diverse IT environments to maximize security coverage and speed resolutions to security teams' most pressing ever-changing needs. Simbian, with its hardened TrustedLLM™ system, is the first to accelerate security by empowering every member of a security team, from the C-Suite to frontline practitioners, to craft tailored insights and workflows for their unique security needs - ranging from complex investigation and response to governance and reporting.
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