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Sending Labs Announces $12.5M Seed Round

AUSTIN, TX, Sending Labs secures $12.5 million in seed funding to build the future-focused Web3 communication stack.
Insignia Venture Partners, MindWorks Capital, and Signum Capital lead the funding round with participation from K3 Ventures, Lingfeng Innovation Fund, UpHonest Capital, and Aipollo Investment. The seed funding accompanies the beta launch of SendingNetwork and SendingMe, the company's flagship products creating a truly decentralized Web3-native hub for secure chat, transactions, and community-building.

Sending Labs is building the Web3 communications stack. On a mission to revolutionize the way we communicate in the Web3 era, the team's first products SendingNetwork and SendingMe serve as the foundation for returning data ownership to users. The SendingNetwork SDK grants developers the tools to create all-encompassing Dapps complete with rich social and financial tools. Built on SendingNetwork, SendingMe is the next-gen communications app for communities large and small.
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