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SalesVu Sees $600K Angel Round

Provider of a cloud-based mobile payment application, announced it has closed $600 thousand in a recent round of angel investment funding.
AUSTIN, TX, SalesVu, Inc., the only provider of a cloud-based mobile payment application, announced today it has closed $600 thousand in a recent round of angel investment funding. Designed to significantly improve payment processing for the growing mobile workforce, the SalesVu solution is the first iPhone and iPad application to accept payments and connect to a secure cloud-based infrastructure for centralized pricing management, reporting, and marketing.

This infusion of financing will fuel the company's product development and marketing initiatives, allowing the company to educate the market on the benefits of its cloud-based infrastructure and set itself apart from competitive terminal-based mobile payment vendors such as Square and Intuit.

"SalesVu offers a fresh approach to mobile payment processing, with a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates operations, management, and marketing," said Francisco Leon, SalesVu investor. "SalesVu's product also addresses the real needs of today's workforce - mobility, reporting, scalability and security - making SalesVu a compelling alternative for businesses investing in mobile payment solutions."

The SalesVu application allows mobile workers to securely process credit card transactions on iPhones or iPads. The company sends a free card reader to businesses who choose to process credit cards directly from their mobile device, and offers the industry's lowest rate (2.7%) on all credit card transactions.

The unique cloud-infrastructure behind the SalesVu application allows businesses to manage their entire sales process anywhere - update pricing, products, services, customer data, and automatically beam the changes to mobile devices in the field. Businesses can also monitor mobile transactions and spot sales trends by employee, product, or time of day, gathering significant marketing insight with SalesVu's reporting capabilities.

In addition to its operational benefits, SalesVu's patent-pending technology integrates with Facebook allowing businesses to share deals and generate buzz through their own customer network. The elegance of the SalesVu solution allows it to be more than just a terminal mobile payment app, instead offering the industry's first complete end-to-end mobile payment solution.

About SalesVu
SalesVu prides itself on developing innovative mobile, software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS) designed to make a direct impact to the bottom line for mobile businesses. The company is based in Austin, TX.
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