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Qordoba Raises $1.5M Series A Round

DUBAI, UAE, Qordoba has completed a $1.5 million Series A round to help startups localize content in new markets.
A Dubai-based business that helps startups localize in new markets has completed a Series A round to fund expansion.

Qordoba received $1.5 million from MENA Venture Investments and Silicon Oasis Ventures, according to published reports. The company provides next-level translation and localization services for startups looking to expand into new regions across the globe. Qordoba's services go beyond physically translating businesses' existing content; local copywriters work with translators to provide fresh, local perspectives that help businesses fit into new markets organically.

Qordoba is named for the city of Cordoba in Spain, which it says is one of the oldest cities in the world, and was the intellectual center of Europe for three centures due to locals' ability to translate knowledge from many languages.
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