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ProFound Therapeutics Receives $75M Funding

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Flagship Pioneering has invested in ProFound Therapeutics.
Flagship Pioneering has invested in ProFound Therapeutics, a company that has identified a universe of previously undiscovered human proteins, enabling a multitude of new therapeutic targets and medicines. Flagship has initially committed $75M to advance the ProFoundry Platform and generate an initial pipeline of novel therapeutics.

ProFound Therapeutics has developed tools to reveal the translatome, the full compendium of sequences translated into proteins. Building on the foundational insights from the translatome, the company has constructed The ProFoundry Atlas, an ever-expanding database cataloging tens of thousands of novel proteins and their functionality, connectivity, and roles in health and disease. This Atlas is at the core of the ProFoundry Platform, which uses a proprietary combination of state-of-the-art protein detection technologies, targeted high-throughput functional validation, and advanced computational tools to unearth a rich source of protein factors and targets, illuminating biology to generate new medicines.
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