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OrthoSnap Grabs New Funding

NEW YORK, NY,, the venture collective, announced today that it has made an investment in OrthoSnap Corp.
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The investment will support the expansion of OrthoSnap's sales and marketing efforts in the U.S. while scaling production operations and client services. OrthoSnap manufactures and distributes clear dental aligners using a patented technology that allows for more effective tooth movement.

"We are pleased to announce our investment in OrthoSnap, an innovative adult orthodontia company with a true path to dominance in the clear aligner space," said Michael Loeb, the CEO of who will be assuming a seat on OrthoSnap's board of directors. "I look forward to working closely with the OrthoSnap team to see that this superior aligner is introduced to more and more dentists so it can benefit more and more patients." boasts a portfolio of over 18 direct investments. Operating as a venture collective, the company develops early-stage businesses attentively, pairing passionate founders with exceptional strategic and executional talent across a wide range of disciplines.

"OrthoSnap has served a growing number of dental practitioners since 2012. Our product and its unique advantages are ready to be shared more broadly and we're thrilled to have the support of," said Yan Pogorelsky, OrthoSnap Corp. founder and CEO. "The opportunity to have a positive and significant impact on the lives of millions of people is what motivates and inspires us and our dentist partners each and every day."

OrthoSnap clear dental aligners are sold to dental professionals to treat mild to severe malocclusions. The OrthoSnap system is based on an impression produced physical model and a patented pin movement system that allow for a superior, more accurate fit. Unlike direct-to-consumer products, OrthoSnap partners directly with dentists to ensure its users receive proper observation and treatment. The price point for OrthoSnap is well below other dentist-prescribed aligners, and the product delivers consistent and predictable results.

Michael Yoon, Founder, YonoVentures, LLC, who has been consulting OrthoSnap for the past year and introduced the company to, said: "OrthoSnap is poised to have a huge impact by bringing safe and affordable dental care to the millions of people who can benefit from OrthoSnap's Clear Aligner treatment, and is the ideal partner to help achieve that goal."


Founded by Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel, is a startup lab and early-stage private investor built on the belief that aligning the right people with the right ideas creates successful companies. A venture collective, Loeb.NYC does not incubate, it curates. We nurture our assets for as long as it takes, looking well beyond a 90-day program or one initial capital round. startups are provided with a tool shed of services and access to skilled consultants in a variety of disciplines including operations, sales and marketing, branding, strategy, data analytics, technology, legal, facilities, and community. More information can be found at

About OrthoSnap Corp.

OrthoSnap Corp. is a manufacturer and distributor of clear dental aligners that were invented to address the shortcomings of the systems currently on the market. The OrthoSnap Clear Aligners System has been awarded three individual US patents. In recent years, OrthoSnap conducted market trials with over 2,000 cases. The trials demonstrated OrthoSnap's superior effectiveness and the possibility for broader applications. Based in Westbury, NY, OrthoSnap is a full service provider that offers complimentary technical support and training to its dental customers.
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