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Nuclea Biotechnologies Snares $3M

Cancer diagnostics firm raised equity offering backed by 28 investors.
PITTSFIELD, MA, Nuclea Biotechnologies LLC, a cancer diagnostics, firm has raised $3 million in an equity offering backed by 28 investors, according to SEC filings.

Nuclea Biotechnologies is a healthcare company dedicated to the development and commercialization of clinical diagnostic assays identifying gene and protein expression profiles characteristic of an individual's tumor or disease. We are committed to advancing discovery and validation of clinical test platforms that are predictive of a cancer patient's responsiveness to oncology therapeutics and the likelihood of disease recurrence.

The company utilizes translational medicine-based technology to refine the understanding of the biological principles underpinning human disease, enabling the discovery of disease specific biomarkers. The innovative tests developed identify a patient's predictive response to a particular therapy or assess the risk of the disease developing or recurring later in life. Test results deliver valuable genetic information on the specific disease guiding treatment decisions.

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