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myWebRoom Closes $2.8M in Seed Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, myWebRoom has raised $2.8 million Seed funding.
myWebRoom today announced the live launch of from its beta testing period. is a platform for creating and assembling visual collections of products, websites and people in uniquely personalized spaces called WebRooms. The announcement follows myWebRoom's recent $2.8 million Seed funding.

'During our beta we saw tens of thousands of people create personal visual profiles on, and populate their WebRooms with their favorite products and online content,' commented Artem Fedayaev, co-founder and co-CEO of myWebRoom. 'With over 2.8 million WebRoom variations already possible, it has been amazing to see our beta attract and engage so many. Now we are putting out the welcome mat to everyone and anyone excited to experience their homepage and the Web as a more fleshed out visual interface.'

myWebRoom represents a step forward in the way we visually explore the Web. Along with a 3D sensibility, myWebRoom makes the online experience more personal and organized, as objects within a WebRoom are also clickable and intuitive gateways to Web services, content and social connection. Phones, televisions, couches, artwork, etc., are also direct links to entertainment, apps, magazines, shopping and more. Each personalized WebRoom is completely customizable and accessible via Web and mobile devices. The visual nature of the interface also makes myWebRoom content universally recognizable and easy to share with a global audience, without translation.

myWebRoom is ideal for consumer brands and content partners looking for meaningful new ways for potential customers to interact with their products. Just out of beta, myWebRoom already works with many partners in the home design and furniture categories, with a growing selection of fashion accessories, games and media content. Partner items are used to populate WebRooms, and are simply accessed through the Designer tool. Big brands such as SONY offer visual content from their latest personal electronic products, while Room and Board offers images of popular home decor. This content introduces users to new merchandise and helps brands determine product preferences. Boutique designers and retailers, such as Funky Furniture, also provide content for couches, chairs, rugs etc. to build brand awareness and ensure that users and potential customers are engaging with their products while building WebRooms that reflect their unique personalities. And yes, users are able to follow links to purchase their virtual objects in the real world.

'This new kind of merchandising shortens the buying cycle,' comments Kania Edelberg of Funky Furniture. 'myWebRoom is as personal as it gets. People aren't just bookmarking the product and seeing, they are actually placing it in his or her chosen environment. We are pleased to have the opportunity to see potential customers interact with our custom products. Each placement in a WebRoom is an endorsement.'

About myWebRoom
myWebRoom is a start-up based in San Francisco, California with an international team of founders. The company provides a platform for creating and assembling visual collections of products, websites and people in uniquely personalized spaces called WebRooms. In a WebRoom anyone can access and discover their favorite online content, express themselves through design, interact with fun products and connect with friends, all from one beautiful and intuitive interface. The company received Seed funding from Konstantin Nikolaev in late 2013.
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