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Mission Barns Grabs $24M Series A Round

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Mission Barns today announced a $24 million Series A financing round.
Silicon Valley-based cellular agriculture company Mission Barns today announced a $24M Series A to scale up its cultivated fat technology and build a pilot manufacturing plant in the Bay Area.

The Series A funding will be used to scale up and commercialize its Mission Fat technology. Global food and agriculture investors participated in the round, including Lever VC; Gullspang Re:Food (Oatly); Humboldt Fund (NotCo & Geltor); Green Monday Ventures (Beyond Meat & Perfect Day); Enfini Ventures (Impossible Foods & Memphis Meats); and a European meat company. Other investors in the round included Blue Ledge Capital; Prithvi Ventures; and Joyance Partners.

A number of Seed investors increased their stake in the company including Global Founders Capital (Facebook & LinkedIn); Point Nine Capital (Delivery Hero); Better Ventures; and Cantos Ventures.

Established in Berkeley, CA in 2018, Mission Barns is focused on cultivating animal fat-without the animal. Its technology platform enables starting from a handful of pork, poultry, or beef cells and feeding them a plant-based feedstock inside a cultivator. Over a short period of time, the novel process creates real, pure animal fat that delivers the mouthfeel and flavor of meat without raising and slaughtering live animals, and uses a fraction of the carbon emissions, water, and land required by conventional animal agriculture.
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