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Mintigo Snares $9M Series B

Financing led by Sequoia Capital, Giza Venture capital and leading private investors.
MENLO PARK, CA, Mintigo, an expert in big-data analysis, has developed a custom engine that analyzes a company's unique Customer Code and crawls the web looking for prospects with high potential & receptiveness to the product offered.

The company has announced today the closing of its B-round of financing, led by Sequoia Capital, Giza Venture capital and leading private investors. This investment of US9M$ is geared towards the expansion of the company's customer acquisition services in the US market.

The wealth of data and information available on the web today can present companies with a daunting task - sorting through the sea of data to find valuable leads and potential customers. For some, it may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, but in truth it's closer to finding a needle in a stack of needles since all potential customers share certain traits that make them appear similar. In fact, finding new, valuable leads consistently ranks at the top of marketing executives' priorities.

In parallel, the company's novel technique for finding new potential customers has already earned it recognition and today Mintigo is announcing that it was recently selected to join the Microsoft BizSpark One program.

Better Leads to Better Results

"There is simply so much data available today that it has become an impossible task to sort through it all," said Jacob Shama, Mintigo CEO. "The Web has become the main source of business leads, but targeting the most receptive prospects is still a huge challenge. Now for the first time, any business will be able to clone its best customers, leveraging big data analysis, to scan the entire web and find those sales-ready prospects that truly convert."

Mintigo is already working with leading businesses in the technology, mobile and insurance industries to improve their sales conversion rate. In one recent case study Mintigo was able to identify the correct contact (email and phone) in 90% of leads, 87% were new leads that were unavailable from other sources, and the leads produced a 4x to 8x higher response and conversion rates in a direct email campaign.

"Mintigo is a breakthrough solution for customer acquisition" said Matt Clark, Senior Director of the Emerging Business Team at Microsoft Corp. "Mintigo's data-driven targeting solution is intended to further improve the ability of organizations to boost sales effectively, using cloud-based CRM and data analytics".

About Mintigo:
Mintigo, a Sequoia-backed company, was founded in June 2009 with the mission of becoming a leader in big-data analysis for customer acquisition. Today, with more than 25 employees, with offices in North America, Europe and the Middle East, and with a growing number of clients, Mintigo is headed towards establishing itself as a leading player in the customer acquisition space.

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