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MaxFi Completes Seed Round

ST. LOUIS, MO, Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations (MaxFi) has completed its seed funding round.
Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations (MaxFi), which provides lifelike cadavers to create highly realistic surgical simulations for medical education, research and product development, and military training, has completed its seed funding round. Led by investors St. Louis Arch Angels, BioGenerator Ventures and Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), the initial seed funding round raised $2.25 million.

Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations (MaxFi) is revolutionizing surgical simulation by offering perfused cadavers that deliver unparalleled realism, precisely simulating physiological conditions such as heartbeat, blood pressure and the ability to replicate bleeding and clotting scenarios. MaxFi's technology ensures a highly realistic experience, empowering researchers, educators and medical device companies to enhance patient care and innovate new medical devices.
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