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Lumos Launches With Over $30M

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, The identity company Lumos announced its out-of-stealth launch with a total of +$30 million funding.
The funding comes from Andreesen Horowitz, Neo, Lachy Groom, Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables, OpenAI CTO Greg Brockman, and many more. Lumos is on a mission to build the AppStore for companies, replacing an IT ticket with a self-service portal for employees to select the apps and permissions needed. The platform detects project, role, or employee changes and kicks off an access review process, removing licenses where applicable.

Lumos is the first internal AppStore for companies. With Lumos, employees are more productive and your enterprise more compliant with self-service app requests, access reviews, and license management. The result: employees go to their Company AppStore and ask for app and permission access. IT and security can control who can request which apps, perform access reviews and automate access creation. Lumos makes companies productive and compliant at the same time.
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