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LipoFIT Raises $9.5M

LipoFIT was founded as a spin-off of the Institute for Biophysics at the University of Regensburg with a new, patented process for the routine assessment of atherosclerosis risk in patients. Investors include SHS Gesellschaft fur Beteiligungsmanagement, KfW Bankengruppe, Bayern Kapital and a private investor.
REGENSBURG, GERMANY, LipoFIT Analytic GmbH receives seven million euros ($9.5 million) to finance its growth. This fresh influx of capital is designed to ensure LipoFIT's continued expansion in its core business areas of human diagnostics as well as biogas and plant analytics. In addition to Tübingen-based growth investor SHS Gesellschaft fur Beteiligungsmanagement, investors include KfW Bankengruppe, Bayern Kapital and a private investor.

The analytics developed by LipoFIT uses nuclear magnetic resonance technology (NMR) for the first time to interpret human or other metabolic patterns. This technology makes it possible to analyse the exact ingredi- ents of liquids such as blood, urine and even plant extracts in a very short amount of time to detect pathological patterns, for example.

"Our analytics enable new approaches to determining or monitoring therapies in medical diagnostics. We see this with prostate cancer in the field of oncology, or in immunology, where we are able to detect when the body rejects a transplanted organ early on," said Fritz Huber, Managing Director of LipoFIT. LipoFIT is also currently working on ten clinical studies with major universities.

The effective and comprehensive evaluation of biological metabolism made possible by LipoFIT Analytic opens up countless new applications beyond human diagnostics. LipoFIT is also working with major seed companies to shorten the breeding cycle of specific varieties in order to identify the "winners" more quickly. The company is also working in the field of energy production from renewable raw materials to optimise fermentation processes and thus increase the energy output of biogas plants.
Volker Pfahlert, COO of LipoFIT, described the company's potential for future development: "These applications confirm the outstanding potential of LipoFIT technology.

This new round of financing gives us the opportu- nity to move from being a pioneer to becoming the market leader in NMR- based analytics."

"We are delighted that LipoFIT has developed so well since we made our first investment in 2009. Thanks to the ingenuity of its founders, its international management skills and industry expertise in the manage- ment team, LipoFIT has the chance to initiate a paradigm shift in the field of diagnostics," said Bernhard Schirmers, Partner at SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement.

About LipoFIT Analytic GmbH
In April 2004, LipoFIT was founded as a spin-off of the Institute for Biophysics at the University of Regensburg with a new, patented process for the routine assessment of atherosclerosis risk in patients. Based on this know-how, the company has since grown to become Europe's largest user of NMR analytics, with a database of around 200,000 clinical samples.
About SHS Gesellschaft fur Beteiligungsmanagement mbH
SHS Gesellschaft fur Beteiligungsmanagement, founded in Tübingen in 1993, offers finance and advice for innovative companies in new industries, especially in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. With their current investment funds, SHS holds around 120 million euro of investment capital. The chief partners are the former McKinsey consultants Bernhard Schirmers and Reinhilde Spatscheck, and Hubertus Leonhardt, former Corporate Finance Project Leader at Arthur Ander- sen.
Investors have provided around 50 million euro for the current SHS III Fund. Investors include the European Investment Fund (EIF), through which the SHS Fund receives funding from the ERP-EIF fund of funds and from the "Competi- tiveness and Innovation Framework Programme" (CIP) of the European Union; the KfW Bankengruppe, a pension fund, Fund of Funds as well as various businesspersons, family offices, and the SHS management team itself.
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About Bayern Kapital GmbH
Bayern Kapital was created in 1995 at the initiative of the state government of Bavaria within the framework of its 'Bavarian Future Initiative' as a way of providing investment capital particularly to new and innovative Bavarian compa- nies. To date, Bayern Kapital has invested some 168 million euro in more than 200 innovative, high-tech companies. Bayern Kapital currently manages a combined fund volume of around 214 million euro.
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