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Linea Gathers $4M VC Round

SEATTLE, WA, Mobile photo browsing app Linea today announced a $4 million venture capital round.
Mobile photo browsing app Linea today announced a $4 million venture capital round that was used to spearhead a flagship feature to its intelligent framing algorithm designed to instantly arrange every picture uploaded, based on its strongest focal point, into a linear collage. Users can add large quantities of photos and watch as Linea organizes them into an easy-to-viewline, simplifying the way users share and consume digital photos.

With Linea, every uploaded photo frames itself. Drawing data from each photo, Linea's algortihm automatically searches for the most interesting component, whether it be the photo's positioning, what is of the most asthetically appealing in the picture, or the quality of the image uploaded. It then intelligently arranges the photos into a beautiful mosiac, empowering visual storytelling and browsing"and gives users a unique way to share, view and print photobooks.

"The amount of data we have on our photos is becoming more robust each day, enabling us to create an algorithm driven by photo-specific data," said George Dy, Linea co-founder and Chief of Product. "We are using metadata to build a library of photos you actually want to have"and more importantly, a visually compelling way for you to share them with friends and family."
While dozens of photo technology startups have come and gone in the past decade, few have endured, and none have truly disrupted the space.

Consumers are still facing the same challenge their parents faced in the 1960's when photography went mainstream: there is no one digital technology that offers a visually compelling way to organize and view your photos. Social media networks offer a positive sharing experience and photo storing sites take care of the shortage of storage some users face"but until Linea, no one company has successfully married big data and summarziation technology with a visually compelling photo stream and a joyous user experience.

"We're creating technologies that simplify the user experience. We can browse tweets surrounding one topic quickly and efficiently"but who has made photo libraries easier to digest?" said Rowland Hobbs, CEO of Linea. "We have the technology to take brilliant photos from our phones and digital cameras, the space to store them, and plently of pictures to share"and now, with Linea, we have access to automatic framing and a compellig way to share and actually enjoy our photos."

To best preserve memories of a milestone or event, users can upload photos to collaborate and share lines of pictures. With Linea, users can combine the pictures their mom, aunt and brother took into a fresh line of ready-to-share photos. In addition to uploading and viewing photos in a beautiful mosiac, users simply click to print and purchase photo books delivered straight to their door.

Linea's visual storytelling, designed to preserve and bring memories forward, is available to iPhone, iPad and web users. Current or new users can sign up for the algorithm beta here. For more information about Linea, or to download the free iPhone or iPad app, visit

About Linea
Linea makes it easy to browse and share photos while letting you choose who sees them. Behind a beautiful and easy-to-use mobile and web interface, a data-driven, intelligent algorithm uses metadata from each picture to properly frame and place it in a beautiful mosaic for the Linea user. iPhone, iPad and web users can collaborate to preserve memories for years to come. To learn more about Linea or to download, visit
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