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Librato Sings to $3.8M in Series A

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Librato, Inc. announced today that it has closed a $3.8M Series A round of funding.
Librato, Inc. announced today that it has closed a $3.8M Series A round of funding to enhance its product offerings and build on strong momentum with customers.

Since the company launched its monitoring data analytics service in March of 2012, it has grown to over 500 customers, processing billions of data points each day. A vibrant community has grown around its monitoring data platform, which has developed integrations with over 50 existing monitoring tools. Librato has also begun to deliver turnkey solutions for popular tools, starting with AWS CloudWatch.

'Operations Analytics has become a mission critical function in organizations. Leading companies like Coursera, Heroku, Moz, and Wooga to use Librato because they need a highly available and easy to deploy solution for analysis and storage of the massive volumes of data they collect to track the health of their services,' said Steve Anderson, founder of Baseline Ventures, who has joined Librato's board. 'Librato has built a strong following for its unique approach, and we're excited to help accelerate the expansion of its service and its community of contributors, partners and customers.'

'We are thrilled to have additional capital to build the advanced features our customers are asking for,' said Fred van den Bosch, Librato's CEO. 'We see a great opportunity to help companies re-shape the way they analyze and consolidate their monitoring data, with the support of some of the most successful early stage investment firms in the Valley.'

The financing was led by Baseline Ventures, Harrison Metal and Cowboy Ventures. The group of angel investors that has supported the company with $1.25M in seed funding also participated.

About Librato:

Librato offers a cloud-based monitoring platform for development and operations teams who want the flexibility to monitor the metrics and events important to their application deployments, while leaving metrics storage, analysis, annotation and alerting to an easy to deploy service that can scale with their operation. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information visit our web site, our blog or follow @librato on Twitter.

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