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Levels Announces $38M Series A Round

NEW YORK, NY, Levels today announced a $38 million Series A alongside a $300 million valuation.
Levels, a software company that gives you real-time feedback on how food affects your health, today announced a $38 million Series A alongside a $300 million valuation to continue its mission of solving the metabolic health crisis. The Series A was raised primarily as an operator round, with funding from other founders and operators, including Andrea Funsten (Basecamp Fund), Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal (Acquired Podcast), Lenny Rachitsky and the Airbnb Alumni Syndicate, Mario Gabriele (The Generalist), Mat Fraser (CrossFit Athlete), and Moshe Lifschitz and Niv Dror (Shrug), as well as a16z, and the Levels member community through a crowdfunding round. To date, Levels has raised $50 million with support from a16z, Trust Ventures, and Shrug Capital.

Levels helps you see how food affects your health. By leveraging data shared by members from biosensors like continuous glucose monitors (CGM), Levels provides real-time feedback on how diet and lifestyle choices impact your metabolic health. Our Members are using personalized data to discover their optimal diet, control their weight, and reduce long-term health risk.
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