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Kloudless Raises $6M in Series A

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Enterprise integrations solution for developer and product teams, today announced a $6 million Series A funding led by Aspect Ventures.
Kloudless, the enterprise integrations solution for developer and product teams, today announced a $6 million Series A funding led by Aspect Ventures, with participation by Bow Capital, Alibaba Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund, Heavybit and Ajay Shah, joining earlier investors Tim Draper and David Sacks. The company has now raised $8 million in total capital.

Kloudless' unified APIs enable developers to code once to connect their applications to several software services instead of integrating with each API individually. Kloudless API products cover a broad range of application categories like Cloud Storage, CRM, Calendar and ITSM. In the past year, Kloudless has seen over 200 percent revenue growth. To date, their API platform has over 15,000 registered developers that are making more than 15 million API calls a day.

In today's landscape, businesses can no longer rely on just a small handful of software services. Data and workflows continue to scatter across new applications and new devices, giving rise to new integration challenges and requirements. Businesses need software applications that work well with their existing software investments. However, for software providers, building software that is interoperable with others is a costly burden: instead of focusing on the core business value of their products, their developers waste time building and maintaining integrations.

Using Kloudless' unified APIs, software providers can connect their applications to other business software with ease and efficiency. With products that emphasize both breadth of supported software services and depth of access to functionality and data, Kloudless is uniquely prepared to tackle the complexity of API integration issues experienced by enterprise software companies.

Software companies across markets such as security, education technology, finance and government are increasingly relying on Kloudless products to integrate with enterprise applications.

"Our mission at Kloudless is to tie together the business software stack," said Eliot Sun, CEO and co-founder of Kloudless. "While we're starting with a solution for software vendors, this is just a small piece of an enormous opportunity to help all businesses make the most of the data and functionalities from their software investments."

Today, Kloudless is launching a security and audit solution to enable organization-wide activity tracking and granular collaboration controls on end-user data. Kloudless is also releasing a unified query language to interact with any object data.

In the coming months, Kloudless will use the investment to grow its connector ecosystem and API platform, as well as launch new tools to enable automation and custom integration capabilities. Kloudless has also opened a second office in Taipei, Taiwan, to expand the company's international presence.

Investor Quotes:

"Integration is not a new problem; it's historically been a multi-billion dollar market. As companies increasingly turn to software to gain advantages in competitive markets, the scale at which businesses experience this pain point exponentially increases," said Vivek Ranadive, founder of TIBCO Software and Bow Capital. "Kloudless' differentiated product offerings are uniquely positioned to provide value now - and in the long run - as new integration challenges play out in the market."

"Kloudless has the potential to disrupt one of the largest technology markets in the world," said Andrew Lee, senior executive director of Alibaba Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund. "We were excited to learn that Kloudless opened a Taipei office with an eye on international expansion, especially in the APAC region. Kloudless is also a great match with some of Alibaba Group's own initiatives like within Alibaba Cloud, so we're looking forward to working with them to accelerate their growth."

"Every application today faces a disconnected stack of cloud services and APIs," said Tom Drummond, managing director at Heavybit. "Kloudless saves developers from having to build and maintain point-to-point integrations that are expensive and prone to breaking. Their Universal API means that enterprises can instantly add dozens of cloud services to their applications without worrying about integration and maintenance ever again. We're thrilled to work with them."

"In the past year, Kloudless has seen accelerating traction across all key developer metrics as developers have increasingly realized the efficiencies of a 'build once, integrate many' approach to meeting customer demand for integrations," said Mark Kraynak of Aspect Ventures, who will be joining the board as a part of the financing. "We're excited to support Kloudless and their efforts to capture what figures to be a multi-billion dollar opportunity in connecting businesses to the cloud."
About Kloudless

Kloudless is the go-to platform for enterprise software integrations. Businesses use Kloudless' unified API products to connect to many kinds of enterprise applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, G Suite, ServiceNow and more. With Kloudless, developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off integrations by using Kloudless to build once and integrate many. A fully enterprise-ready platform, Kloudless provides solutions across many markets such as security, education technology, finance and sales enablement.

Kloudless is trusted by more than 15,000 developers in over 4,000 organizations. To learn more, visit
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