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Kira Pharmaceuticals Launches with $46M Funding

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Kira Pharmaceuticals announced $46M in investments.
Kira Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company developing a new generation of complement-targeted therapies to treat immune-mediated diseases, announced $46M in investments secured to date and the appointment of Frederick Beddingfield, MD, PhD as Chief Executive Officer.

Kira is backed by a syndicate of leading global life science venture firms including Quan Capital, 6 Dimensions Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, and Sinopharm Capital.

Kira Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company developing complement-targeted therapies to treat immune-mediated diseases. Enabled by its LOGIC drug discovery platform, the company is committed to advancing first-in-class and best-in-class therapies to transform the lives of patients with complement-driven diseases.
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