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JJUMPP Receives $3M

LEHI, UT, JJUMPP has completed a $3 million venture funding round from Arthur Ventures.
JJUMPP, a SaaS company that offers a powerful digital marketing platform for small businesses, has completed a $3 million venture funding round from Arthur Ventures.

JJUMPP's marketing platform gives business owners the ability to automate the management and monitoring of customer feedback and engagement, driving more traffic, referrals, and sales to their business. It also saves time by aggregating all the different platforms into a single user interface and automating much of the process.

"Arthur Ventures is thrilled to partner with JJUMPP at this important juncture in the company's journey," said James Burgum, partner at Arthur Ventures, "The opportunity to empower small business through stronger online presence management is growing exponentially, and JJUMPP is uniquely delivering the right solution to SMBs at the right time in the right way."

"Arthur Ventures is such a great fit for us. They understand us and they fully support our vision of empowering small business owners," said JJUMPP CEO Chad Ingram, "This new funding will give us the opportunity to continue to fuel our growth and expand what we are already doing to a much larger audience."

Arthur Ventures was also an investor in Infusionsoft, where several JJUMPP team members worked previously, including Chief Revenue Officer Jeff Mask, and Chief Financial Officer Hal Halladay.

"This process was seamless and smooth," said Halladay, "It accelerated everything to have a previous relationship of trust with James and Arthur Ventures."

JJUMPP focuses on small businesses who don't have time to manage multiple accounts across various search engines and social media channels, or who are overwhelmed by all the available options. At the core of the business is a strong desire to help businesses owners grow their business.

"We love helping small businesses and have seen the impact our product makes. They are growing their business and using JJUMPP to do it," said Ingram.

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