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JeNu Biosciences Secures $3M

SEATTLE, WA, Technology driven beauty company, announced the first close on their $3 million funding with Second Avenue Partners.
JeNu Biosciences, a Seattle-based technology driven beauty company, announced the first close on their $3 million funding with Second Avenue Partners, another Seattle-based firm that provides strategic guidance and growth capital for early stage companies. The newly secured funds will support the continued growth of the company and commercialization of the JeNu Home System, its first-to-market, proprietary ultrasound skincare system which was developed by leading ultrasound and cosmetic scientists.

Lead by a team of industry experts, including Wayne Wager, a former venture capitalist and CEO of Confirma Inc., and Colette Courtion, founder and CEO of Calidora Skin Clinics, JeNu is aiming to usher in a completely new era of at-home skin care. "This is a rapidly growing segment and the beauty market is primed and ready for the next-generation of hand-held devices. And we have a proprietary system which is superior to all other devices or creams on the market. Our clinical trials have proven the JeNu Home System provides results superior to anything else available," remarked Wager.

Courtion, who built the chain of anti-aging skin clinics - Calidora Skin Clinics - added, "With the increasing consumer demand for at-home devices, the growth potential for clinically-proven and validated devices is tremendous. With the funding from Second Avenue Partners, the market debut of the JeNu Home System next fall is the first step in bringing this propriety technology to market for consumers everywhere."

"The chance to work with JeNu was very exciting to us," said Pete Higgins, JeNu board member and founding Partner at Second Avenue Partners. "JeNu fits our model for funding cutting-edge start-ups with compelling re-occurring business models in hot industries."

About JeNu Biosciences

JeNu Biosciences was founded in 2008 by a team of ultrasound scientists, medical doctors and beauty executives and is currently led by Wayne Wager, CEO. JeNu Biosciences is a Seattle-based "techno-beauty" company that uses low-powered ultrasound to deliver proprietary anti-aging ingredients resulting in more beautiful skin. With the release of the first product, the JeNu Home System, JeNu Biosciences will become a leader in the fastest growing consumer segment in the beauty industry which already has sales of $1 billion annually.
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