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Janux Therapeutics Snags $56M Series A

SAN DIEGO, CA, Janux Therapeutics snags $56M funding in Series A led by Avalon Ventures.
Janux Therapeutics has snagged $56M funding in Series A led by Avalon Ventures with help from OrbiMed, RA Capital Management, Bregua, and Correlation Ventures.

Janux Therapeutics is developing safe, effective novel immunotherapies with the company's proprietary TRACTr technology. Janux's TRACTr technology employs a modular design to rapidly engineer drug candidates against specific targets. The Janux TRACTr development pipeline targets multiple solid tumor indications, including colorectal, gastroesophageal, prostrate, NSCLC, triple negative breast, and ovarian cancers. Janux technology can be applied to immunotherapies that target all three stages of an anti-tumor immune response. Combining Janux's tumor-specific activation with multi-stage anti-tumor signaling has the potential to significantly improve safety, expand the therapeutic dosing window, and maximize patient responses.
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