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Iterable Lands $23M

SAN FRANCISCO, Iterable, a provider of a growth marketing solution for B2C companies, raised $23 million in funding.
The round was led by Index Ventures with participation from CRV and other past inĀ-vestors.

The company intends to use the funds to furĀ-ther inĀ-vest in enĀ-giĀ-neerĀ-ing and cusĀ-tomer sucĀ-cess, conĀ-tinue to build the platĀ-form for conĀ-sumer marĀ-ketĀ-ing, CRM and mesĀ-sagĀ-ing.

Led by Justin Zhu, co-founder and CEO, ItĀ-erĀ-able proĀ-vidĀ-es enĀ-terĀ-prise B2C (busiĀ-ness-to-conĀ-sumer) comĀ-paĀ-nies with a scalĀ-able platĀ-form to segĀ-ment and enĀ-gage their users across email, moĀ-bile push noĀ-tiĀ-fiĀ-caĀ-tions, SMS and in-app mesĀ-sages. With this latest funcĀ-tionĀ-alĀ-ity, cusĀ-tomers can mesĀ-sage acĀ-tive users inĀ-side their mobile apps, enĀ-gagĀ-ing them in an imĀ-meĀ-diĀ-ate manĀ-ner.
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