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Incentive Targeting Picks Up $1.6M

Fifty-two separate investors participated in the financing of provider of marketing technology for retail chains.
CAMBRIDGE, MA, Incentive Targeting, a Cambridge-based provider of marketing technology for retail chains, has received $1.6 million in a round of venture capital, according to a new filing by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the SEC filing, 52 separate investors participated in the financing.

Founded in February of 2007, Incentive Targeting partners with retail chains to provide a targeted marketing service to manufacturers of grocery and consumer products. Using Incentive's service, manufacturers market directly to individual shoppers across our entire retail network-based on each person's detailed purchase history. Promotions are delivered via any available distribution channels, such as email, direct mail, or register tape. The firm's patent-pending technology allows non-technical marketing executives to design sophisticated targeted promotions-and measure ROI in real time-directly over the web.
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