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HALIO Inks $70M

HAYWARD, CA, HALIO has raised up to $70 million in funding.
HALIO, designer of the world's fastest, most beautiful, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced electrochromic (smart) glass, and SKC Ltd., a leading company in the ESG Materials Solution industry, has raised up to $70M in funding from SKC to further market and develop the industry's next generation of smart glass technology, focusing on energy savings, environmental impact, and creating beautiful facades, while enabling occupant wellness and comfort.

HALIO Smart Glass is the world's fastest and most advanced electrochromic (smart glass) technology, enabling maximum control of daylight while optimizing energy savings by reducing solar heat gain and minimizing glare. Powered by HALIO windows and skylights are available directly from the HALIO and third-party fabricators, including Viracon and GLASSBEL, with various glass coatings and configurations. Beautiful buildings deserve beautiful facades.
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