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Gokuai Technology Grabs 40 Million RMB

SHANGHAI, CHINA, Leading cloud storage solution provider for enterprises in China, announces that it has successfully raised RMB 40 million in additional financing today.
Gokuai Technology Inc., a leading cloud storage solution provider for enterprises in China, announces that it has successfully raised RMB 40 million in additional financing today. The company received an initial angel round of investment in May 2012, through Gobi Partners' Oasis Program. Sources report that the company will use this new capital to expand its product portfolio and for marketing purposes.

"Since the launch of Gokuai's cloud storage platform, many enterprises have come on board, and registered users have already passed the one million mark," said Gokuai CEO, Shuomiao Jiang. "After being accepted into Gobi's Oasis Program, we were quickly able to accelerate our product and business development initiatives. With highly positive market responses, we were then able to attract new investors for this latest round of financing."

"Although there are many other cloud storage providers on the market, their primary target is the consumer segment, where the business model is not as clear. Gokuai focuses on enterprise users, providing professional cloud storage solutions that aim to increase efficiency and management efficacy. In the near future, we will also launch a 'Mixed Cloud' product, which will be even more catered to enterprise needs," added Jiang.

"Gobi sees great opportunity in the cloud services market in China, and cloud storage is a key sector," said Michael Zhu , a partner at Gobi. "Gokuai's management team is highly talented, and we believe they will be able to take advantage of the market opportunity. Their enterprise-focused approach is scalable, and we believe they have a great chance to succeed."

"As a leading venture capital firm in China, Gobi is not only able to provide financial support to portfolio companies, but more importantly, it is also able to provide significant added value and support," says Jiang, confident in the future of his company. "We believe that with Gobi's support, we will quickly be able to become the of China!"

About Gokuai

Founded in 2012, Gokuai Technology Inc. aims to provide enterprises with secure, reliable, efficient and easy-to-use cloud storage and synchronization solutions. Gokuai is China's leading cloud storage solutions provider, with proprietary synchronization functions and document management capabilities. Gokuai's products cover Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms, offering seamless access anytime, anywhere.

In June 2012, Gokuai was awarded the "2011-2012 Outstanding Cloud Application Product" by China Data Center's Industry Development Alliance. In December 2012, Gokuai was awarded "Top 100 New Startup of 2012" by CyZone. For more information, please see

About Gobi Partners

Founded in 2002, Gobi Partners is a leading venture capital firm with its headquarters and incubation center in Shanghai, additional offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, as well as an overseas office in Singapore. A leading investor in early stage digital media and technology companies in China, Gobi manages five funds to date. Since its establishment, Gobi has funded dozens of early to traction stage companies and continues to invest actively in the region. For more information, please see

About Oasis Program

The Oasis Program was established by Gobi Partners in 2011 to support and develop early-stage Internet companies in China, and is a formalization Gobi's incubation services which began in 2004. Its mission is to help young entrepreneurs learn, grow, and succeed in a professional startup environment. As of the end of December 2012, Gobi's Oasis Program has already supported 12 outstanding startup companies, with total investment of over RMB 70 million. Of these, 6 companies are already leveraging extensive resources in Gobi's incubation centers. For more information, please see
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