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Glint Completes $10M Series C Round

REDWOOD CITY, CA, Glint -- the real-time employee engagement platform -- today announced it has raised an additional $10M in funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners, closing out its Series C financing.
Glint's total funding to date is $60M. With the urgency for people analytics expected to expand rapidly, Glint is poised to continue its fast growth, recently opening an office in the Silicon Prairie and preparing to surpass 1 million employees on its platform in the new year.

'I love Glint's mission to develop and empower employees. Because Glint has the ability to identify what workers need and enables managers on a personal level, they no longer feel like a cog in the wheel,' said Byron Deeter, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners. 'Through Glint's AI-driven technology, organizations have a unique view into the complex needs of their workforce. This visibility allows them to solve problems and create real impact on employee engagement and retention, improving business results. This is particularly potent in large, sophisticated operations like United Airlines, Sky Media, and Cognizant, many of whom have recently joined Glint's growing roster of customers.'

Glint's employee engagement platform sits at the intersection of two high-growth technology sectors: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HR technology. The AI industry is projected to grow to $70 billion by 2020, while HR technology will experience a similarly explosive trajectory. Glint was among the first to leverage AI to transform the workplace -- giving HR departments regular insights into the employee mindset and providing managers with the tools and information they need to be more effective. Additionally, the company recently expanded its platform with new modules, Employee Lifecycle and Manager 180, that are designed to give company managers and leaders the resources to measure employee engagement throughout the employee lifecycle and take action at critical intervention points.

'We're in the exciting early stages of an immense shift toward the adoption of AI in the workplace. There is a significant opportunity for HR departments, managers, and teams to benefit from the Glint platform, providing unprecedented insights into the state of the organization,' stated Jim Barnett, Glint CEO and co-founder. 'This new investment and expansion not only showcase Glint's growth as a company, but also validate the urgency that organizations have to transform their workplaces and empower managers to drive engagement and create successful teams and employees.'

With household names like United Airlines, Sky Media (UK), and AOL already using Glint, the company has recently increased its customer base to include Cognizant and Alex Lee, among others. To support its growth, Glint recently expanded its presence in the Silicon Valley with new offices in Redwood City as well as opening a new office in Lincoln, Nebraska, a nerve center of the growing 'Silicon Prairie' technology hub. This new regional office allows Glint to take advantage of the growing technology talent and economy in the Midwest and will house team members in sales, engineering, technical operations, and customer service.

Glint's rich analytical capabilities help companies identify and measure key drivers of engagement and provide them with insights and direction to make improvements. The platform uses AI to help administer more frequent pulses and deliver real-time insights and alerts that keep pace with the changes impacting modern businesses today.

Glint helps you see into your organization in revolutionary ways, giving you the power to create real impact on employee engagement, retention and performance. Glint leverages real-time people data to give you and your managers a holistic view of your organization's health, the insight to predict problems, and direction to take action. For more information and to gain insight into employee engagement, please visit
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