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GearLaunch Snags $4.8M in Series A

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, GearLaunch today announced that it has received $4.8 million in Series A funding, led by Hunt Technology Ventures.
GearLaunch today announced that it has received $4.8 million in Series A funding, led by Hunt Technology Ventures. GearLaunch offers the most complete and sophisticated platform to date for E2E commerce - a rapidly emerging category of e-commerce that enables independent online merchants to easily scale online businesses with zero friction.

GearLaunch provides not only the tools to create online storefronts, but also back office support and logistics tasks such as production, shipping and customer service. In contrast to central destination marketplaces where sellers simply list product in hopes of making a one-time sale, GearLaunch places Internet entrepreneurs in full control of their own businesses and the all-important customer relationship, empowering the creation of sustainable and scalable business assets.

"Hunt Technology Ventures focuses on disruptive ideas and relentless founders. We found both in GearLaunch. With entire sectors of the retail industry in the midst of painful evolution, there is no better time for a highly impactful and innovative new business model," said Hunt Technology Ventures Principal David Hunt. "A snapshot of today's market shows Amazon, Walmart and eBay moving to dominate the space. A slightly longer view shows a global army of independent online retailers out-maneuvering these large, slow conglomerates in local, niche and, eventually, mass markets, which plays perfectly into GearLaunch's vision."

The GearLaunch platform offers a complete infrastructure for E2E ecommerce, which includes business operations services; access to an extensive catalogue of customizable products, logistics, customer support, search and discovery resources; and easy-to-use website building tools. This model allows GearLaunch customers to grow independently of the shopping malls of the Web, and scale their businesses without hiring teams or sinking money into inventory.

With platforms such as Shopify and Amazon's affiliate programs, merchants struggle to access products to sell, gain entry to foreign market distribution, arrange customer service in local languages and organize payment services. GearLaunch enables merchants by offering the full e-commerce value chain. The E2E commerce toolset helps to create sustainable online businesses independently, without the need to hire teams.

"GearLaunch's mission is to enable merchant growth and independence around the world, empowering all independent Internet retailers with cutting-edge tools that help them operate their businesses with increased efficiency, productivity and profitability," said Thatcher Spring, GearLaunch Founder and CEO. "The GearLaunch executive team's combined 45-plus years of experience in e-commerce and consumer goods helps us understand the massive and scalable opportunity to support the merchant entrepreneur class - their competitive advantage is intimate knowledge of their target buyers' likes and interests, and high determination to succeed in working for themselves."

GearLaunch provides online retailers with a complete "white-labeled" merchant solution. This includes state-of-the-art "infrastructure-as-a-service" features such as production management, shipping and logistics, location-agnostic customer support and of course highly advanced search and discovery tools. GearLaunch supports 2500-plus power sellers, and is rapidly expanding its merchant base in both the developed and the developing world. Almost any online-centric merchant selling through existing affiliate and mainstream marketplaces can take advantage of GearLaunch's platform, bringing the total addressable market to more than 10 million SMB e-commerce operations.

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About GearLaunch
Founded in 2013 by a team of e-commerce, CPG and retail industry veterans, GearLaunch offers a sophisticated platform for E2E commerce, a rapidly emerging category that focuses on the full e-commerce value chain. The company provides the tools and resources for online retailers to build completely independent and scalable online businesses, giving them complete control of their customer relationships and enabling infinite scale. With more than $90 million in sales during 2016 and 4.5 million products sold to date across more than 2500 merchant sites, GearLaunch customers range from regional and specialty outlets to large global brands.
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