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Galore Grabs $1.65M Seed Round

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Galore today announced $1.65 million in seed funding.
Galore, the mobile application that allows parents to book activities for their children and empowers local providers to reach new customers, today announced $1.65 million in seed funding led by Norwest Venture Partners and DCM Ventures. Currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area on both iOS and Android, Galore's platform allows parents to easily discover and book activities, classes, camps, 'date night' child care and more -- tailored to their families based on location, age group and interest. To date, Galore has partnered with more than 125 providers to offer upward of 3,000 options each month. The funding will be used to further develop the company's mobile apps for parents and powerful tools for providers, and add more partners in the Bay Area and beyond.

'Parenting is hard! It's not all smiles and cuddles, despite what our Facebook feeds show. I always feel like a better, saner parent when we get our daughter out of the house to do things in the real world -- whether signing up for a kids martial arts class, a Saturday family outing or child care for a date night with my wife,' said Jeff Levinsohn, CEO of Galore. 'Our goal is to create a platform for businesses and instructors, similar to what Etsy did for makers and Airbnb did for people with extra space. With Galore, we're unlocking opportunity for these folks to create more quality kids activities in their own communities.'

Using Galore, parents supplement their kids' educations in a world where many core pillars -- such as sports, art and music -- are often the first to be cut in the public school system. Meanwhile, areas like coding and bilingual education don't receive the funding they deserve, according to a survey from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. With Galore, finding ways to boost student growth and achievement sits in the palm of your hand.

'Galore is bringing efficiency to a highly fragmented market, where parents spend tens of billions of dollars per year. With three kids of my own, I know the frustration of trying to find the right program, at the right time and location, for the right age group,' says Jason Krikorian, general partner at DCM Ventures. 'I think it's inevitable that a vibrant marketplace will emerge in this space, and Galore is the team building it.'

Galore also helps local businesses reach new customers through its large community of parents who use the mobile app. Plus, Galore's free software lets providers seamlessly manage all their online registrations, payment and customer communications. For individual instructors, Galore enables them to make extra money and do more of what they love by directly connecting with parents to offer new activities for kids.

'There are many companies leveraging the sharing economy, but we are truly excited about how the Galore team is solving a historically important problem in a way that benefits families and local businesses alike,' says Jared Hyatt, an investor at Norwest Venture Partners. 'By providing a trusted environment for parents to discover unique, family-oriented activities, Galore is fueling a community that provides kids with fun experiences and valuable skills that enrich their development.'

To download the Galore app for iOS or Android, please click here. If you are a business or instructor and want more information about using Galore, email

About Galore
Founded in 2015 by Jeff Levinsohn and Max Haines-Stiles, Galore helps those with kids feel like better parents, and kids become better people. Through its mobile app, Galore enables parents to book high-quality activities for their kids from a trusted circle of local providers, filtered by location, age group and interest. To date, the San Francisco-based company has partnered with more than 125 providers to offer upward of 3,000 options each month.
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