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Freight Farms Raises $1.2M Series A Round

BOSTON, MA, Freight Farms has received $1.2 million in Series A funding to continue converting used shipping containers to portable greenhouses.
An urban agricultural startup has received an investment to help convert used shipping containers into portable greenhouses.

Freight Farms, a Boston-based startup that previously raised $30,000 on Kickstarter to launch its operations, raised $1.2 million from Morningside Venture Investments, Launch Capital, and Rothenberg Ventures, according to published reports. The company's containers can be used by people with a casual understanding of gardening; no agricultural degree is required.

Freight Farms are a turnkey solution for creating food access around the world. With methods of soilless agriculture and advanced environmental controls, the system is able to deliver consistent harvest yields regardless of the geographic location. Freight Farms creates access to fresh produce in any environment at a volume that will feed a local economy. Its systems have been designed to match the production yield of commercial greenhouse operations within a 40x 8' footprint. Efficient, year-round growing means a consistent product at a consistent cost.
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