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Flower Orthopedics Completes $4.5M Series C

HORSHAM, PA, Flower Orthopedics has successfully completed a $4.5 million Series C equity raise.
Flower Orthopedics Corporation (Flower Orthopedics) today announced that it has successfully completed a $4.5 million Series C equity raise. Proceeds from the financing will be used for working capital and to fund the company's growth strategies.

Flower Orthopedics is the creator of the FlowerCube™, a standardized, single-use bone fixation concept that provides significant operational efficiencies. The FlowerCube™ is tailored for specific orthopedic surgical indications, and houses all of the requisite implants and instruments sterile packaged and disposable eliminating pre-operative on-site sterilization. Guaranteed pristine, and always complete Flower's Ready-for-Surgery™ instruments provide assurance that the right surgery specific tools are in place and in prime condition. Due to its sterile and disposable nature, The FlowerCube™ is always ready for the next surgery, allowing for a faster OR turnaround and increased back to back surgical cases.

'The financial resources provided the Series C equity raise continue to bring our FlowerCube™ concept to more hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers across the United States,' said Oliver Burckhardt, President and CEO of Flower Orthopedics. 'We are excited to present physicians with the Ready-for-Surgery Flowercube™ that will simplify surgical processes, provide operational efficiencies and potentially decrease patient recovery time.'

'Flower Orthopedics has been a success story from the beginning and we believe will make a significant impact in the orthopedics industry. It is gratifying to watch the market respond so positively to this innovative, total surgical solution,' added George Jenkins, Flower Orthopedics Board Member from Merritt Capital Corporation.

About Flower Orthopedics

Flower Orthopedics' 'Ready-for-Surgery' concept provides surgery-specific applications in individual sterile packaging, which eliminates the need for pre-op sterilization and, compared to current practices, considerably reduces the number of implants and instruments brought into the operating room. All instruments in the FlowerCube™ are single-use and disposable, eliminating the need to reprocess surgical tools post-op. The disposable feature also decreases the risk of infection stemming from reusable devices and expedites valuable OR turnaround time. With these efficiencies, the company expects hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to save as much as 30 percent of the combined implant and instrument costs currently spent on each surgical case. (

Flower Orthopedics offers a broad range of high-quality bone-fixation implants that are designed for optimal performance and clinical excellence. More than 300 plate options are manufactured in partnership with ZRINSKI AG, a respected manufacturing leader and supplier of high-quality implants, medical products and technical solutions, headquartered in Germany (
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