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Extend Snares $40M in Series B Funding

NEW YORK, NY, Fintech startup, Extend, has announced its $40 million Series B fundraising round led by March Capital.
Fintech startup, Extend, announces its $40 million Series B fundraising round led by March Capital and backed by B Capital, Point72 Ventures, Fintech Collective, Reciprocal Ventures, Wells Fargo, and Pacific Western Bank.

Extend is a universal card sharing platform, created in partnership with banks, that enables both cardholders and designated recipients to securely and instantly send and receive temporary credit cards. Cardholders can send a unique digital credit card to employees, contractors, and freelancers with a defined spend limit and expiration date while tracking the purchases being made with the card, without revealing the card number. Its mobile first technology makes for a seamless user experience for both cardholders and recipients.
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