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Dubset Media Holdings Closes $4M Series A

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Company that has made the legal distribution of mix and remix music possible at scale, announced today the closing of its $4 million Series A funding round.
Dubset Media, the company that has made the legal distribution of mix and remix music possible at scale, announced today the closing of its $4 million Series A funding round, led by Cue Ball Capital, the respected Boston-based venture and early growth equity firm focused on recurring revenue platforms in business information services, digital media and specialty consumer opportunities.

Dubset's MixBANKTM technology platform solves the complex problem of identifying musical recordings used in mixes and remixes, determining the appropriate rights holders (a DJ mix could have as many as 100 different rights holders), and simultaneously clearing the mix or remix across all rights holders. Dubset enables record labels and music publishers to set permissions for access via a simple rules-based system which enables catalogs to be efficiently monetized and precludes the need to conduct time consuming searches and initiate claims. Until now, the technology did not exist to make DJ mixes available across music services for legal streaming.

'Cue Ball's leadership in this investment round and strong participation from the music and venture capital community validates our approach and strong belief that artists deserve to be fairly compensated for the use of their content,' said Dubset Media CEO, Stephen White. 'DJs are the ultimate curators and hundreds of millions of music fans all over the world are hungry for their mixes and remixes. We look forward to being able to make this amazing content available at scale. Our investors are a diverse group that shares our belief that the music fans who love mix and remix content are a massively underserved audience who will benefit immensely from our work at Dubset.'

Other notable participants in the Series A round include the music data and rights company MediaNet, Neoteny 3, Resolute Venture Partners, and Redwood Venture Partners.

About Dubset Media Holdings
Dubset Media Holdings, Inc. ( is a media technology company solving the challenges associated with identification and monetization of mixed content. Through its innovative MixBANKTM platform and MixSCAN technology, Dubset is powering distribution and monetization opportunities for content creators and rights holders built on transparency, control, and simplicity, solving a critical problem for the music industry.
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