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Dotin Receives Next Round of Seed Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Dotin Inc. announces another round of seed funding from Qu Ventures and Arka Venture Labs.
Silicon Valley-based startup dotin Inc. announces another round of seed funding from two investment firms that actively seek out early-stage tech endeavors: Qu Ventures and Arka Venture Labs. dotin Inc., a business-to-business, artificial intelligence, software-as-service platform, promotes employer-employee alignment in the workplace by leveraging critical insights on employees' and potential hires' motivations and personalities.

During uncertain economic times when many have hit pause on investing, it's encouraging to see this type of activity. And it's a testament to the viability of the dotin platform.

These investments offer opportunities beyond just capital. Qu Ventures has strong connections and resources in Asia, a market is excited to enter. And Arka Venture Labs is positioned to foster dotin's continued growth in the U.S. "Our AI-generated insights help recruiters and employers gain a deeper understanding of talent's key attributes so they're better able to hire and place workers within an organization. This is critical for retention and the optimization of a workforce. Asia and the U.S. are home to innovative companies that we can absolutely help with our platform. We're thrilled to partner with Qu Ventures and Arka Venture Labs to keep expanding our work and our exposure to new markets," Ganesh Iyer, CEO and founder of dotin Inc. says.

The investment firms share in dotin Inc.'s enthusiasm. "Enterprises lose $30 billion a year due to bad hiring decisions. Over 90% of these hiring decisions are typically based on an assessment of the candidate's skills and not their cultural alignment with the company or team culture. This causes bad hires. Existing assessment solutions focus on understanding the conscious mind, ignoring the 95% of decisions that are made subconsciously. dotin solves this problem using its patented AI-based technology," explains Radhesh Kanumury, Managing Partner, Arka Venture Labs.

Better still, the dotin platform is able to offer this revolutionary solution without asking talent a single question. dotin utilizes psychology, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data, and machine learning to identify interpersonal decision-points and modify behavior for the benefit of employer and employee, yielding powerful business outcomes.

That's an offering that's needed now more than ever. As companies face the COVID-19 crisis head-on, the work has gone virtual. And for some personalities, that can be an added challenge. dotin platform helps on two fronts. First, some industries will need to continue onboarding talent. Insights into the personality and work habits of potential hires can ensure employers bring on workers who are well-equipped to contend with work-from-home conditions, or the employer can make an educated decision to bring another personality into the fold while being prepared to offer the right assistance and training for these extenuating circumstances. The same tactic can be used for companies' current workforces. Identifying who among employees will need extra support can nip issues in the bud and keep everyone on track.

With the additional funding, dotin plans to further its product development and growth, widening the scope of its offerings. Ganesh offers, "Recruitment and retention are vital to the success and sustainability of any company. We figure out what enterprises need most, then we build to it with data-driven solutions that disrupt the status quo."

About dotin Inc.

Based in Silicon Valley, dotin Inc.'s proprietary AI service software taps into structured and unstructured data to deliver rich, impactful and bias-free business insights.

About Qu Ventures

Qu Ventures is a family-owned investment firm that provides early-stage tech companies with resources backed by the public companies the family owns, including Alpha Group (the largest entertainment company in China) and Aulton New Energy.

Among its many investments, Qu Ventures has partnered with Starship Technologies, Leaseable, Pronto, and Byton (a new generation of smart vehicles and a direct competitor to Tesla). Qu Ventures works with an organization's management team to do more than just write a check; the group helps entrepreneurs focus on innovation, disruption, and impact.

About Arka Venture Labs

Arka Venture Labs is a cross-border accelerator fund launched with three venture capitalist firms - Blume Ventures, Benhamou Glove Ventures, and Emergent Ventures.

Arka offers B2B start-ups with the capital and investment they need to invest in overseas markets. Specifically, the group helps companies access the Silicon Valley ecosystem with its vital mentoring and infrastructure support.
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