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Do Launches with Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Do has received funding from SherpaVentures and SherpaFoundry member
Do„¢ today announced the launch of their enterprise collaboration platform to help people run productive meetings. The new company is being incubated by SherpaFoundry and has received funding from SherpaVentures and SherpaFoundry member

'People are frustrated by bad meetings that have no clear purpose and end with nothing meaningful getting done,' said Jason Shah, Do CEO. 'To date, 'meeting software' has just been about video and audio, not substance,' Shah said. 'Do has spent a lot of time looking at human factors that contribute to unproductive meetings'lack of preparation, tardiness, and multitasking'Do addresses these tendencies head on. With Do, it's easy to make an agenda, get the meeting set up, have people show up on time, take notes, track follow-ups and outcomes, share the meeting summary, end the meeting early, and actually get things done.'

Shah, a former product manager at Yammer who studied sociology and computer science at Harvard, is on the forefront of social dynamics in the enterprise sector. Do is being incubated at SherpaFoundry, where Shah was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

'We all have been in meetings where discussion is unfocused, follow-ups get dropped, and outcomes are unclear,' explains Tina Sharkey, CEO of SherpaFoundry and member of Do's Board of Directors. 'The Do interface enables meetings where conversation is thoughtfully structured, people are accountable, and the outcomes are documented and shared.'

One of Do's key targets is the frequent meeting organizer who wants meetings to actually be productive. Do meetings are easy to set up and seamless to run. Meetings are displayed on a scrollable timeline on the Do dashboard, providing an easily searchable record of every meeting with documents, notes, follow-ups, and outcomes. Do is integrated with Google Calendar, and people receive a schedule of the day's meetings each morning along with recent and upcoming meetings to promote mindfulness. The company is working to integrate a variety of enterprise cloud applications to more seamlessly work with existing workflow.

'We are excited that Do is launching today with an elegant, easy-to-use tool that brings efficiency, engagement, sharing and transparency to people's daily work lives,' said Scott Stanford, Managing Partner at SherpaVentures. 'Under Jason's leadership, and with funding from SherpaVentures and, we believe Do can be a major player in the workplace productivity space.'

The Do team is made up of engineering and design veterans of Yammer, Microsoft, Adobe, and Voxer.

To sign up for a free account and start using Do, visit

About Do:
Do helps people run productive meetings. Founded in 2013, Do is backed by SherpaVentures and is being incubated at SherpaFoundry.

About SherpaVentures:
SherpaVentures is a venture capital firm that helps the most promising emerging technology-enabled companies become global brands beloved by their consumers.

About SherpaFoundry:
SherpaFoundry provides strategic, trusted advice and guidance to select corporations and entrepreneurs to transform and elevate assets and galvanize their ideas.
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