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Ditto Labs Announces New Funding

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Ditto Labs, a pioneer in deep learning announced today that Red Fort Capital led a new round of investment in the vision-as-a-service company.
Ditto's vision-as-a-service API can find nearly anything appearing in a photo -- a specific product, brand logo, location, demographic profile -- even subjective measures of sentiment -- in near real time. Ditto's service is a high value AI application for thousands of digital business's. Ditto's software currently fuels the world's leading enterprise marketing platforms by labeling the torrent of social media photos.

'Humans can no longer keep up: ubiquitous cameras are casting off reams of big data. Today, critical business decisions need computers to act on visual data at massive scale and in real-time,' said Red Fort Capital CEO Parry Singh. 'Ditto, with its technology and diverse roster of clients, delivers artificial intelligence solutions to make business sense of this visual data. It's my pleasure to join the board and invest in Ditto's tech, team and business growth.'

'Parry recognizes the impact of artificial intelligence on so many industries and sees the incredible potential for Ditto's Conductor tool which enables non-technical people to benefit from the latest in artificial intelligence. Now you don't need a Ph.D. in computer science to train or deploy a new visual classifier,' said David Rose, CEO of Ditto Labs. 'Within a few minutes, Ditto's clients can find and analyze whatever is critical to their business success by sifting through their haystack of proprietary photos, this applies to an incredibly wide range of industries - hospitality, retail, cosmetics, healthcare to defense, etc.'

About Ditto Labs, Inc:
Ditto Labs is a leading provider of vision-as-a-service for enterprises. The award winning company offers enterprise-class machine-learning and computer vision to businesses demanding a cloud-based API to label, filter and search visual media using artificial intelligence. Learn more at

About Red Fort Capital:
Red Fort Capital is a global investment platform including: its market leader Private Equity Funds, Commercial Finance Non- Bank Finance Company and its Global Principal Investing Group. Red Fort Capital is a trusted partner world's top institutional investors - including sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and pension plans.

Red Fort Capital has over $1.2 billion Equity Invested in equity real estate investments in India across more than 28 projects.
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