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Debut Biotech Lands $22.6M Series A

SAN DIEGO, CA, Debut Biotech, a next generation biomanufacturing platform harnessing cell-free enzymes, today announced its $22.6 million Series A financing, led by Material Impact.
Participating investors include Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, Fine Structure Ventures, ACVC Ventures, Humboldt Fund, Cantos Ventures, as well as existing investors including KdT Ventures.

Debut Biotech is dedicated to unlocking natural products through sustainable biomanufacturing. Their unique biomanufacturing platform harnesses natural cell-free enzymes to overcome the limitations of cell-based manufacturing and provides access to previously unobtainable products. Debut Biotech truly believes that biomanufacturing will be how materials and ingredients are created in the future and is committed to leading the revolution.
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