Your Source for Venture Capital and Private Equity Financings Sees $2M Angel Round

NEW YORK, NY, Daily email focused on personal finance has raised $2 million from a group of angel investors led by Joanne Wilson and Stocktwits founder Howard Lindzon., a daily email considered the DailyCandy of personal finance, has just raised $2 million from a group of angel investors led by Joanne Wilson and Stocktwits founder Howard Lindzon, bringing the company's total funding to just over $3 million. Other investors include 500 Startups' Dave McClure, TechStar's Dave Cohen and Eric Schmidt of TomorrowVentures.

DailyWorth is a leader in the new wave of publications about finance and careers for women. Boasting over 200,000 subscribers nationwide, the daily email offers education, inspiration and the impetus to take positive financial action and build real net worth.

"We are more than just a lifestyle website that gives financial advice," says DailyWorth Founder Amanda Steinberg. "We actually help women understand money on a deeper level, and thus take control of their lives. Yes, women need to know how to budget and save-but they also need to demand higher salaries, invest more aggressively and learn how to strategize for a secure financial future."

Steinberg, who's started six different businesses over the last decade, saw a good businesses model in DailyCandy and adapted personal finance, and area where she saw a need for female empowerment. Andrew Russell, formerly of Pilot Group, who has invested in email companies like Daily Candy and Thrillist, is an independent board member at DailyWorth.

In early 2012, DailyWorth will launch two new editions: MoreWorth for the affluent woman and CreateWorth for female entrepreneurs, another rapidly growing audience. Former New York Times columnist and award-winning journalist MP Dunleavey heads up DailyWorth's editorial team.
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