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Concure Oncology Receives $2.5M

MERCER ISLAND, WA, Concure Oncology has announced that it has secured $2.5 million in new capital.
Concure Oncology, whose mission is to ease the burden for women facing early-stage breast cancer by providing an innovative new kind of radiation treatment option, has announced that it has secured $2.5 million in new capital, helping to give new hope to women dealing with difficult treatment for breast cancer.

This new round of funding provides a pathway for Concure to double its field sales organization and focus on training new clinicians across the country in making this treatment option available to women. It follows a year in which Concure added a nationally-recognized team of clinical experts in breast cancer treatment to its team. Concure is using its expertise to improve the next-generation device that is at the heart of its Breast Microseed Treatment¨.

"This new financing marks an exciting inflection point for the team at Concure Oncology as well as the patients that we treat, now and moving forward," said Kevin Kelley, Chief Financial Officer of Concure Oncology. "Combined with the team of clinical experts that we've brought on in the last year and recent major shifts in treatment and therapy, women dealing with breast cancer now should have a much more optimistic path forward."

Breast Microseed Treatment¨ has been proven safe, effective and convenient in providing radiation therapy to patients with early-stage breast cancer. This technique, also known as low-dose-rate brachytherapy, is based on a similar method that has already been proven to successfully treat prostate cancer. What distinguishes this treatment from conventional radiation therapy is that it allows post-lumpectomy patients the chance to have a one-time, one-hour procedure, as opposed to the more burdensome conventional radiation that may last from three to six weeks and require daily visits to a radiation facility.

This form of treatment has been recognized as being as effective as traditional whole breast irradiation relative to local recurrence and overall survival rates, with excellent cosmetic outcomes as well as reported high patient satisfaction levels in peer-reviewed, published data. The procedure involves the placement of tiny, low dose-rate brachytherapy sources - or Microseeds - into the breast tissue, which release a safe but effective dose of radiation for 2-3 months to the immediate area surrounding the lumpectomy site. Once fully released, the seeds become inert, with no radioactivity remaining.

Anyone interested in clinical applications, sales or marketing roles at Concure should visit the company's website for more information.

About Concure Oncology
Concure Oncology was founded with the mission of easing the burden for women facing early-stage breast cancer by providing a treatment option that is safe, effective, and convenient. Led by a nationally-recognized team of leaders from the medical industry, the Seattle area company is working with medical centers across the U.S. to bring Breast Microseed Treatment¨ to patients everywhere. For more information, please visit
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