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Cohero Health Adds to Series A

NEW YORK, NY, Digital health company announced the addition of strategic investors Samsung NEXT and Omron Healthcare to oversubscribe their Series A round.
Cohero Health Inc., a digital health company that has established leading connected health tools and technologies to empower respiratory patients and improve care through smart mobile devices, announced the addition of strategic investors Samsung NEXT and Omron Healthcare to oversubscribe their Series A round.
The company originally announced its $9M Series A in late 2016 but elected to allow for the investment of additional strategic capital. The supplementary funds will be utilized to expand BreatheSmart, the leading respiratory disease management platform that uniquely enables tracking of both controller and rescue medications, along with clinically accurate lung function measurement, in real-time. The commitment from Samsung NEXT and Omron Healthcare will support broader commercialization of the hardware and software that make up the comprehensive pulmonary care platform.
"BreatheSmart from Cohero Health provides both connected hardware and software as an integrated platform, with a high attention to usability - this is no easy feat. We are especially impressed with how the team developed their range of mobile spirometers, which required significant work around manufacturing, clinical efficacy and regulatory approval," said Amit Garg, Principal at Samsung NEXT. "We are looking into how healthtech startups can use software and services to make a disruptive impact into chronic disease management. Cohero Health has created a great solution for respiratory care, tackling the opportunity to help 50M Americans and 300M worldwide who suffer from asthma and COPD."
Kenji Eda, Executive Officer at Omron Healthcare stated, "Our goal is to ensure that every respiratory patient is empowered to take control of their health, and to prevent avoidable hospital and emergency room visits as a result of uncontrolled respiratory issues." Omron's investment signals our confidence in the power of BreatheSmart to positively impact patient health. Eda added, "We believe that there is a huge opportunity for Cohero Health and Omron Healthcare to collaborate on the introduction of new products and services linked to BreatheSmart, giving patients and healthcare providers deeper insight into patient health, and reducing the risk of future negative events."
As evidenced by its over 25 commercial deployments reaching over 1 million covered lives, Cohero Health remains committed to diversifying its suite of hardware and bolstering its software solutions to drive improved outcomes and cost savings for the entire respiratory stakeholder community. The addition of Samsung NEXT and Omron Healthcare will allow for further product development and differentiation across the platform.
"Samsung NEXT and Omron Healthcare support our mission to improve respiratory care through smart mobile devices. These leading technology companies have the scale and expertise that are invaluable to early stage companies like ours. We see significant benefit in partnering with well established organizations such as Samsung and Omron Healthcare, while we remain focused on achieving platform scalability through interoperability and effective respiratory stakeholder collaboration," said Melissa Manice, Co-Founder and CEO of Cohero Health.
About Cohero Health, Inc.
Cohero Health is a digital health company developing innovative tools and technologies to improve respiratory care, reduce avoidable costs, and optimize medication utilization. The company's connected devices and mobile applications actively engage and empower respiratory patients by measuring lung function and tracking adherence. Based in New York City, the company has raised over $14 million in venture funding, by investors including Three Leaf Ventures, Zaffre Investments (the investment arm of Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Massachusetts), Omron Healthcare, Samsung NEXT, Guardian Life Insurance and StartUp Health. | info(at)coherohealth(dot)com | @coherohealth
About Omron Healthcare, Co., Ltd.
Omron Healthcare, Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal wellness products. Omron's market-leading products include home blood pressure monitors and electrotherapy devices. Since Omron invented its first blood pressure monitors nearly 40 years ago, the company has been passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health at home through precise technology. Helping people improve their ability to live a healthier life is the heart and soul of Omron's purpose. For more information, visit
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